Starbucks Is Leading the Pack in Mobile Payments

Starbucks Is Leading the Pack in Mobile Payments

For Starbucks, mobile payments mean more than just convenience for customers. They mean a chance to make venti-sized profits. Mobile payments now account for over 20 percent of total transactions at Starbucks — this percentage is higher than that of others in the food...
5 Controversial Apps Available Now

5 Controversial Apps Available Now

Today, numerous apps for smart devices make everyday activities more convenient to complete, which in turn makes people’s lives easier. There are apps that facilitate communication, apps that make note-taking simpler, and apps that allow people to take...

How much can I make from a mobile app?

How Much Can I Make From a Mobile App? Some mobile apps earn millions of dollars for their owners, but many others earn very little or even nothing at all. Working out how much you can expect to make from your mobile app can therefore be tricky. Here are a few tips...

Temporary Storage In Apple’s CoreData

I’ve worked with CoreData on a number of projects covering both iPhone and iPad apps, and I must say it’s pretty good. Apple’s persistent storage model and their implementation of it is a good example of how an ORM (object-relational-mapping) can speed up your development process and enable developers to focus on domain level implementations.

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