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Psychology & Marketing
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Psychology & Marketing
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App development articles
Why Luxury Brands Shouldn’t Underestimate the Power of Mobile Apps
by 14th August, 2017

There's no doubt we're living in a mobile digital age. Studies have shown that all digital growth is now coming from mobile usage, and that...

App development articles
Five Android Apps That Will Make You More Mindful
by 10th August, 2017

We've all noticed the increasing popularity of mindfulness and meditation, but have you considered investing in this growing industry? In 2015, the meditation and mindfulness...

App development articles
Mobile apps, touch interfaces, 3D… what’s next?
by 26th July, 2017

In 1968, Alan Kay of Xerox PARC designed what he called a “personal, portable information manipulator.” The device, which might be described as the overweight,...

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