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No longer the latest device released from Apple — the iPhone 6 — was bigger and more powerful than previous models, although now less powerful than the new iPhone 7. Released in September of 2014, the iPhone 6 had tons of benefits over the earlier iteration of iPhone 5 — including a bigger screen, better camera and faster performance. However, one of the coolest parts about the iPhone 6 is that there are several steps users can take to make the iPhone even more powerful and user-friendly than it naturally is. The following iPhone 6 hacks are easy for users to do — and make the smartphone better than ever before.

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1. Invertible Display Colors

Browsing a smartphone at night can take a toll on eyes — and browsing in a dark room can draw all eyes toward you. You can avoid both of these things by inverting the display colors on the iPhone. Simply go to the settings app, tap general, tap accessibility, and turn on “Invert colors.”

2. Favorite Website Access

Rather than having to save your favorite websites as bookmarks in Safari, the iPhone 6 allows you to save favorite websites to your home screen. Simply tap the export icon when viewing a favorite website, then tap “Add to home screen.”

3. Mute Group Chats

Hate when you get in a group text message chain and you don’t stop receiving irrelevant messages from people you don’t know? With the iPhone 6, you can mute group chats; simply tap the “details” option at the top of the chat screen and tap “Do Not Disturb.”

4. Longer Passcodes

Sometimes, four-digit pass codes just won’t cut it. iPhone 6 allows users to enable longer, more complex pass codes to keep the information on their phones safe.
Browsing a smartphone at night can take a toll on eyes.Click To Tweet
To add in a longer passcode, tap settings, then general — then access “Passcode lock” to enter a longer code.

5. Self-Destructing Photos

You don’t have to use Snapchat to send self-destructing photos. The iPhone 6 allows you to directly send people photos and videos that will disappear on their own. To do so, hold down the camera icon in a text message and tap the red dot to the right. Any files taken with the camera will appear for two minutes, then disappear.

6. Take Multiple Photos Simultaneously

Using the camera app on the iPhone 6, you can take multiple photos simultaneously. All you need to do is hold down the capture button, and your camera will continuously take photos until you let go. Perfect for the perfectionist photographer.
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Simon Lee

Simon Lee

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