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A huge shift in Google’s company was marked with the debut of last years Google Pixel. To compete against fellow competitors like Apple, Samsung, Sony, LG and other high brand smart phone manufacturers, Google launched their very first smartphone lineup. A year later, Google Pixel is finally introducing its follow up: The Google Pixel 2 (and XL). The 2 phones are already available for pre-order, with its official release date set for October 19th 2017. The 2 phones will come in 2 storage options at either 64GB or 128GB. The handhelds are looking to be priced around £629 and £929. Its newly refined design, top of the market specs and what’s being called the best smartphone camera ever quite possibly indicates a strong improvement from its predecessor.


The device comes in 2 variants. Whilst the 2 aren’t jumping on the current trend of edge-to-edge screen ratios, they still pack a pretty large screen surface, with the standard device being 5 inches and the XL being 6. The screen resolution for the standard features a 1920 x 1080p OLED screen whilst the XL features a 2880 x 1440p QHD+ OLEd display. The design for the Pixel 2 is refined and simple with its 2 tone glass back design, allowing the antennas to work effortlessly. Their bezels on the front of the screen houses 2 front facing speakers and the phone works as water and dust resistant. So whilst the design won’t necessarily have you jumping out of your chair with excitement, it’s designed in a way to emphasise its practical benefits. One thing Google has done similar to Apple is the death of the headphone jack. You will now have to use their USB-C headphones or join the bluetooth club. In addition, there is also the removal of a Micro SD slot, meaning you’re stuck with whichever sized memory device you purchase.


Android mobiles are known to be popular for their customisable software. That trend has only been improved with the Pixel 2 as it has the power to run Android 8.0 Oreo, along with a 4GB of RAM. This means that you’ll be able to throw pretty much anything at the Pixel and it should be able to operate without any issues. The biggest gimmick to the mobile is that you can squeeze the sides of the device in order to launch the newly improved AI: Google Assistant (you can also silence/end calls using this feature). 

If there's one thing that makes a phone considerably great, it's the camera. Click To Tweet

In terms of the software’s UI, Google has put a huge Google search button at the bottom of the screen, integrated into the dock, which also links to the app tray once the user swipes up. This makes it easier to search Google as the box will be positioned where your thumb usually is when holding/using your phone. This makes it one less way to Google. If your wallpaper is dark, the colour of the search bar will also adjust to this by turning into a darker shade to match. Furthermore, the phone offers an always-on lock screen, meaning that it is always listening for any music being played as well as waiting for you to say ‘OK Google’ prompting the assistant to pop up. The battery on the handset has been given an upgrade, with a battery size of 2,700mAh, meaning you’ll be looking at a total of 7 hours use from just a 15 minute charge.


If there’s one thing that makes a phone considerably great, it’s the camera. After last years model being branded one of the best smartphone cameras around, the Pixel 2 has a lot to live up to. The Pixel 2’s camera comes with a dual-pixel sensor on the back, optical image stabilisation for images and videos and comes with a 12MP rear camera and an 8MP front facing camera. It also integrates with A.R. within its own camera app. This feature uses Google’s ARCore to overlay A.R. stickers into real time footage recorded directly from the camera. The camera comes with its own ‘Portrait’ mode, allowing you to take professional looking photos by blurring the background, making the foreground most tangent.

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Tyrell Bibbiani

Tyrell Bibbiani

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