How We Compare

Balancing price and quality

We strongly believe that good quality products are essential for our clients to achieve their financial aims, and to create them we need to put the work in. It's as simple as that. We don't believe that shortcuts exist in creating amazing experiences and that's why we're a bit different to most other agencies as the amount of things we deliver shows.

If a product doesn't achieve your financial aims then it's a wasted investment regardless of how little it may have cost you with another agency. We spend the time to get to know our clients, the market, the problem and craft an engaging and exciting solution that will deliver on your aims and get talked about by the media and the general public.

We work on projects ranging from £40K all the way through to £350K+ however if you are raising investment then we can help you in preparing your pitch with services from as little as £5k.

The hidden costs

We don't believe in quoting low then charging you for extra on everything. Instead, we give you a realistic quote for all of the services below.

Scoping & UX at Glance20 days* Scoping & UX at other agencies5 days
App Store Analytics Feature List
Workshop Day Sketches
Client Presentation Basic UX Wireframes
Sketch Day + Extra charge for every change after this
Refine Day -
Prototype Day -
Test Day -
Solutions Review With Client -
Wireframe Designs -
Prototype -
Statement Of Work -
UX Document & Client Review -
UI Design at Glance10 days* UI Design at other agencies3 days
Art Direction Workshop Quick Sketches
Art Direction Pinterest Moodboard Generated Colour Pallete
Client Presentation Wireframes Painted With Colour Palette
UI Kit Workshop + Extra charge for every change after this
UI Kit -
UI Kit Client Presentation -
Full UI Workshop -
Full UI -
Full UI Review -
Full UI Client Presentation -
Full Project Review -
Asset Preparation -
Branding at Glance10 days* Branding at other agencies5 days
Branding Workshop Logo Sketches
Sketches Logo Design
Concept Ideas Logo Mockup
Style Guide Workshop + Extra charge for every change after this
Brand Mission & Values -
Colour Palette -
Typography -
Illustrations / Artwork -
Logo Designs -
App Icon -
Style Guide Book Creation -
Design Mock Ups -
Development at Glance250 days* Development at other agencies100 days
Project Setup Build Management
Repository Creation Cross-platform Development
Build Management Release
Native Devlopment + Extra charge for every change after this
Multiple Client Demos -
Full System Testing -
Release Testing -
Testing Reports -
Project Delivery & Support -
Store Release -
App Store Optimisation -
Extended Support -

* average time spent per project over the last 6 months

So... have we got your attention yet?

Join some of the worlds biggest brands and brightest startups and let us help you bring your ideas to life.