The mobile technology landscape has exploded over the past 10 years and we’ve seen the industry grow from a few development companies dabbling in mobile to now, where you have a lot of choice when looking for an iOS app development company in London. When it comes to mobile apps, especially in the early days, the market was heavily dominated by Apple and although things have shifted quite a lot since then, the iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch are still amazing devices to release your product on. Whilst many people question which platform is best for new ideas, iOS has a few advantages up its sleeve.

When it comes to iOS app development, the process is somewhat more involved than on Android (see our guide on the App Store Approval Process), but when done properly the results can be outstanding. Our team have been part of our iOS app development agency for many years, and have helped craft some of the very best iOS apps in the industry for both corporate clients through to startups and entrepreneurs. Despite being an iOS development company in London, we have helped clients all over the world with their ideas, solving their problems or helping them devise the right mobile strategy to take their business forward. In this age of borderless communication, the world really is more accessible than ever.

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So if you have an iOS app development project or merely an idea, what are the things you need to consider before you embark on your technological journey? Let’s start with the platform itself. Apple are synonymous with style, simplicity and effortless experiences. It’s what they strive to do and they do it very well. This simplicity comes at a price though and not just a financial one. Yes, the Apple range of devices are expensive, but Apple don’t dominate the cheaper end of the device market and have never wanted to. But this cost of simplicity also rears it’s head when it comes to developing your product.

As one of the top iPhone development companies in London you can imagine we see all manner of project ideas, and we do, ranging from the positively amazing to the downright absurd and this is where the iOS platform brings some constraints. You see, Apple have spent so much time and money crafting an amazing mobile experience for their users, that they put strict controls in place to ensure you, as a new iPhone app developer or publisher, don’t ruin that experience. Apps are sandboxed (a term relating to the notion that your app runs in isolation to other apps, so no cross-communication between apps – well not easily anyway). It also means they have strict guidelines on what you can and can’t do within your app (check out the current guidelines here). Fall foul of these and your app will never see the light of day.

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So given the strict guidelines, how do Apple police this? It’s quite simple, they have a review process. Every time any iOS app development agency wants to submit a new product, Apple review it. The review process is quite involved, including both automated review and manual review, but luckily the process is a lot shorter than it used to be. When we started, as a fledgling iPhone app development agency in London back in 2009 (at that point Android wasn’t really a big enough market that clients asked for it), the review process could take months. If your app fails the review you need to make changes, then resubmit…and wait all over again. A simple product launch could take longer than the time to actually develop the app in the first place! Luckily things have changed significantly and the review process is down to days, sometimes hours.

So once your app is live you can sit back and relax right? Well, no. This is where the next stage of the work kicks in; app marketing. Now most iPhone app development companies will tell you it’s difficult to get new users; it isn’t. But getting engaged users is somewhat more difficult. That’s why we focus on user behaviour and engagement and build this in at the start. Unlike other app development companies, we know that marketing comes at the start of the product and throughout the entire process, not just at the end, so we build our apps with the end goal in mind. This means you spend less time convincing people to download your app and instead simply make them aware it exists; the app will do the rest.

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