We focus on successful products, not just successful projects.

This requires looking beyond beautiful design and the latest technology and focusing on what you want to achieve with the product and why. The rest comes as standard.

Our process is geared

around truly understanding

your users.

This goes beyond basic scoping and user analysis, that is a common approach with apps, and deep into the psychology of people, their behaviours, their feelings and how your product will fit into their lives in the most seamless and harmonious way possible.

What we can help you achieve

By focusing on psychology and user behaviour, we take ideas and help refine and deliver apps that have much higher rates of success.

Research / Strategy
  • Market / User Research
  • Focus Groups / Surveys
  • User Experience Maps
  • Psychology Research
  • Engagement Strategy
UX / UI Design
  • App & Web UX Strategy
  • Wireframe Designs
  • Branding & Identity
  • Multi Platform UI Design
  • Conversion Optimisation
App / Web Development
  • Native iOS Apps
  • Native Android Apps
  • ReactNative Apps
  • Web Portals & Services
  • Wearables Development
  • App Store Optimisation
  • Paid User Acquisition
  • Video Production
  • Product Landing Pages
  • Out-of-Home Strategy
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Executing perfectly on the wrong idea is pointless.

Even if you’ve thoroughly researched your idea and analysed your target market, it’s likely you’re missing some key aspects to your app. We go beyond standard focus groups and market research and focus on the psychology of products, user behaviour and emotional triggers to help our clients shape their ideas into something meaningful and highly engaging. The results are products that are as intuitive as they are delightful.

By taking a much deeper look at the products we build for clients, we end up creating apps that people love to talk about and share – a great thing for any digital product! If you’re wondering how to engage people more, or drive a more positive user experience with your app then it all starts at the research stage. By building up a much fuller picture of the mindset of your users, we help you see the bigger picture for your app.

Asking users to adopt new behaviours is very, very hard.

It used to be the case that having a beautiful design was all that was needed for an app to be successful – but as the app stores have grown in size, so has your customers range of options when it comes to your product or service. These days, when faced with similar products from similar companies at similar prices, we as consumers, look for more meaningful products and businesses to work with.

The products that provide more meaning, in the most seamless way, are those products that excel. Relying on beautiful design without substance is long gone. Your app needs to pair beautiful design with a well thought out user experience, giving people not just a new choice but a better, more thoughtful one. Your idea combined with our execution is what makes the difference between a good app and a great one.

The best products align their goals with their users' goals.

Whilst mobile technology is not new, the ways in which technology can be used to enhance our lives is ever-changing. Both the capabilities of mobile technology and the ways in which we build apps for them, is constantly being revised, refined and reinvented. We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to our work and this includes the technology we use and the infrastructure we recommend you work with.

We believe that your products with us are the first step in your journey, and as such, need to be built with future expansion and growth in mind. We use standards-compliant approaches when working with different technology and languages, ensuring you’re not tied to any one provider or service. We’re proud of the quality of our work, it’s scalability and robustness – all things you should come to expect.

Continually engage users for a mutually long-term benefit.

Acquiring new users can be costly so designing your product with marketing in mind, is essential. So many people think of marketing as an afterthought when in reality it needs to be front-and-centre from the outset. Even if we don’t handle the marketing for your company, we place members of our marketing team on the project for the duration to ensure your app is ready to share with the masses.

When it comes to actual product marketing we’ve got you covered. With everything from traditional media campaigns, out-of-home campaigns as well as more advanced user acquisition campaigns, we have the connections and knowledge to ensure your product realises it’s full potential. Our services start with campaign planning through to video production and App Store Optimisation (ASO).

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“Their service was extremely fast, reliable and intelligent. They rapidly built an app that exceeded our expectations; using their knowledge of the market to make intelligent suggestions throughout.”

Camilla YoungDirector, Vualto

“Highly communicative, diligent and always always of a high quality and focus on delivery. Agile evangelists and implementers they offer true value for money.”

Gary McDowellDevelopment Manager, GroupNBT

“They are smart, willing and capable of rising to any challenge presented to them. Their first hand experience of Agile implementations is considerable. I would not hesitate to work with them again.”

Simon KneafseyProject Manager, News International

“They not only understand how to design fantastic mobile and touchscreen apps, they also bring spectacular ideas and acute business acumen to the table. A very rare combination.”

Henry PlayfootDirector, Stealth Education

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