With app development exploding over recent years, the landscape has never been so full of choices for small companies as well as large brands, so choosing the correct approach and technology to use for your project can be somewhat daunting. Many get it wrong and end up paying the price, both monetary and in reputation.

They Use the Wrong Technology

When it comes to app development there are quite a few technologies available to choose from, and the approach you choose can have a drastic effect on the quality of your final product. It’s vitally important to understand the differences in these technologies when choosing the right approach for your brand, as the quality does not follow the price as you might expect. The chart below shows the increasing quality level offered by each approach with bespoke native offering the best quality experience and reliability when done well. Choosing wisely is a crucial first step for your product.


They Get Poor Value for Money

When looking at the same technologies against price, you will see that certain low end technologies, wrapped web for instance, whilst being a low quality option, often ends up being one of the most expensive, offering very poor value for money. The best value for a quality product is found with bespoke native. 

With app development exploding over recent years, the landscape has never been so full of choices.Click To Tweet

Those less concerned about quality and with a low budget should look at mobile web. Ensure you are not paying a premium price for a low quality option; we work with bespoke native products with brands that value the integrity of their message.


Simon Lee

Simon Lee

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