The growth of the Android platform over the past 10 years has seen it mature from a difficult, fragmented landscape to the beautifully designed, material-centric platform that we have today. And whilst in the early days they were few and far between, now you have a lot of choice when it comes to Android app development in London. Whilst the market was originally heavily dominated by Apple, the balance between Android and Apple is much more level and there are an amazing array of devices to release your mobile app on. Whilst many people question which platform is best for new ideas, Android has a few advantages up its sleeve.

One of the key benefits of Android app development and the platform in general is that the release process is much less involved than on Apple (see our guide on the App Store Approval Process), but this doesn’t mean the Android platform is plain sailing. Our Android team, along with their iOS counterparts, have been part of our Android app development agency for many years, and have helped craft some of the very best Android apps in the industry for both startups and entrepreneurs through to large corporate clients and well-known brands. Despite being an Android app development company in London, we have worked with many clients from all corners of the world, bringing their ideas to life or solving their problems. We’ve helped them devise the right mobile strategy to take their business forward, and it pays off. Borders are no longer an issue to communication and as a result the world really is more accessible than ever. 

It's important to know the usage figures of each device type so you can make informed decisions.Click To Tweet

So you’re looking to start an Android app development project or merely have an inkling of an idea? Well, before you reach out to an Android developer in London, there are some key things you need to consider before you embark on your app development project. Let’s start with the platform itself. Android has always been about open source software, meaning anyone can take the core Android software and build upon it. This is great from a flexibility viewpoint but it means that device manufacturers tend to create customised versions of Android for their own products. From a user perspective this is great, as each device has a layer of ‘gloss’ that the manufacturer bakes into the product but from a developer perspective this can pose a few issues. The most notable issue is that sometimes your Android app simply won’t function properly on a specific device family or in some cases won’t run at all. Sony are a big issue when it comes to this as sometimes their modifications prevent your app from even launching.

Glance Creative - Android Application developersAs one of the top Android development companies in London we help clients traverse this fragmented landscape and can advise you on any potential issues before you start your project. It’s important to know the usage figures of each device type so you can make informed decisions over which ones to specifically target, eliminating most of the headache. Unlike the Apple platform, the Android platform gives you a whole heap more access to the device, both at a low level and interoperability with other apps on the device. We don’t need to worry about the App Store review process either so when you want your app live, it goes live almost immediately. Google take the approach of responding to complaints so it doesn’t mean you can do whatever you like and get away with it. You will still need to pay careful attention to what you’re doing and why to ensure users don’t complain.

When we started, as a fledgling app development agency in London back in 2009, not a great deal of clients asked for Android apps but the market has shifted so drastically over the years that it’s rare we get a client that only wants iOS over Android. When looking to maximise the ROI of any product you need to look at the adoption rates of each platform and make informed decisions over your target audience and which (if not both) platforms are best suited for your needs.

So you finish and launch your app and the hard work is done right? Not quite. The next stage of the process is in marketing your app to your target audience. Now most Android app development companies will say it’s quite difficult to acquire new users however things have changed a lot over the years and it’s now easier than ever to both target AND acquire users in high volumes. But you don’t want any users you want to acquire engaged users and this is somewhat more difficult. At Glance we focus on user behaviour, psychology and engagement and ensure that we build this in right from the start of the project. Unlike other Android app development companies, we understand how marketing is essential throughout the entire product process and not just at the end. This is why we build our apps with the end goal in mind, the end-user and the marketing to reach them. The aim is to spend less time convincing people to actually use your app and instead shift the focus to making them aware that it exists; the app will then do the rest.

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