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Luxury retail brands succeed when they maintain great relationships with their customers. The more that customers are exposed to a brand, the more loyal they’ll be. This is especially true if their experiences with the brand offer genuine value and convenience.

That’s why companies across luxury retail markets like jewellery and watches are releasing apps.

Your brand could take advantage of this trend by following their examples and developing a retail app of your own. You simply need to ensure you’re working with experienced developers who know how to release apps across industries that users love.

In other words, you need Glance. Servicing clients throughout the UK, we’ve created apps that routinely earn high rankings in app marketplaces and attract numerous users. If you have an idea for a retail app, we’re excited to hear about it.

A Process for Luxury Retail App Development You Can Rely On

It doesn’t matter whether we’re making apps to sell luxury watches and jewellery or making mobile games: Glance consistently releases quality products by adhering to a clear process.

We begin by speaking with you about your idea to ensure we thoroughly understand it. Knowing what you want your app to do helps us assemble the team to build it. Instead of assigning your project to random developers, we customise teams based on the skills and tools they’ll need.

We also assign each team a Project Manager. This ensures you always have someone to reach out to if you have questions about the luxury app, would like to provide feedback, or simply want an update on our progress.

Reliable Partner

With our enterprise-class process, we help big brands deliver amazing apps.

Full Service Agency

We cover everything from mobile strategy through to design, development and marketing.

Industry Experience

We’ve built apps for some of the worlds biggest brands helping them achieve amazing ROI.

The Importance of Apps in the Luxury Retail Industry

There are many ways luxury jewellery retail brands and more benefit from releasing apps. First, doing so grants you more control over the user experience when customers interact with your brand digitally. Online, they may be distracted by other content. When they’re using your retail app, you can control all aspects of their experience, allowing for a purer interaction with your brand.
Loyalty apps also give you the opportunity to make the right impression on customers. They’re more likely to stay loyal to your brand if you release an app that rewards them accordingly.

Apps are also key to leveraging new innovations. For example, some companies within the luxury retail industry use augmented reality to let users “try on” products – from makeup to jewellery to watches – virtually before buying them. With experiential marketing like this, it helps to boost ecommerce sales.

These are just a few reasons to pursue luxury retail app development. That said, you’re more likely to reap these benefits when you hire the right developers.

What to Look for in Luxury App Developers

Experience is key when hiring developers to create your retail app. Creating different types of digital products requires different types of expertise. That’s where our development team at Glance excels. We’ve already built hugely successful apps for such luxury brands as Chanel, proving we’re qualified to help you achieve your goals. Of course, experience is just one trait to seek in a luxury retail app development team.

It’s also important to work with experts who know how new technologies and innovations can improve upon your original idea. If a developing technology like augmented or virtual reality can enhance the user experience – whether that’s buying a watch, a piece of diamond jewellery, or other luxury product – we’ll help you find ways to implement it.

Getting Your Luxury Retail App Noticed

It’s no secret the app market can be very competitive, and this is especially true in the luxury retail industry. It’s not enough to simply develop a strong product; you also need to strategise properly to attract initial users. Glance helps in this capacity as well. First, we make a point of considering how easily-overlooked factors may contribute to your app’s success.

Consider the example of colour psychology. This is a topic we cover in greater detail on our blog. Quite simply, people typically associate certain colour schemes with certain types of products.

In practice, this can look like choosing the right colour scheme for your app’s logo in order to help it get noticed by users browsing app stores for luxury retail products. This attention to detail is a major strength we bring to the table.

Glance also helps you develop your marketing strategy. When the people involved in creating your product are also involved in marketing it, you know they’ll thoroughly understand the value it offers users.

A Portfolio of Excellence Proves We’re the Right Fit for Your Retail App Needs

Many app development teams will claim to be right for your retail app project. We don’t expect you to take our word for it when we say we offer quality service. Instead, we ask that you browse our portfolio.

You’ll also find reactions from people who’ve used our apps and experienced the value they offer firsthand. Another example is the Canon app, which was initially developed for Canon to use internally. At the start of retail app development, features were created specifically to help educate and train the Canon team to be more knowledgeable when selling their products. But intentions for the app’s use quickly changed.

Due to the app’s design and user centric features, it became a product that the company really liked and believed in, resulting with them rolling out the app for In-Store use. When the retail app was used on location, customers were able to learn more about the unique features of each Canon product and the equipment. Additionally, the app functioned as a necessity to help the store staff sell more items. This allowed the app to become a great overall success.

You’ll quickly find our apps have a track record of success. For instance, our The Times iPad app boasts upwards of 5 million users.

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