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Building an engaging experience is just the start. Promote your app on social media, ad networks and out-of-home venues to maximise the reach and effectiveness of your marketing budget.

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What We Do At Glance

Transform Your Mobile Strategy with Glance- Expert App Development and Marketing

At Glance, we redefine mobile app development by integrating psychology and user behaviour insights into every project. Our unique approach focuses on enhancing user engagement and retention, resulting in higher satisfaction and increased revenue for our clients. With our deep understanding of psychological principles, we design mobile solutions that go beyond technological advancements, offering a user experience that resonates on a deeper, more personal level.

Psychology-Driven App Development: Leveraging deep psychological insights to create more engaging and successful apps.
Comprehensive App Marketing Strategy: From social media campaigns to influencer outreach and App Store Optimization (ASO), we cover all facets to ensure broad visibility and user acquisition.
Proven Track Record: With numerous top 10 app hits, our strategies are proven to increase downloads and user engagement.
App Marketing Services
How We Do It

Our Creative Marketing Process

When it comes to app marketing, we've got your covered. We've built relationships with key market platforms and vendors to give our clients a head start when it comes to their product launch.

3-5 days

App Store Optimisation

We will perform an optimisation of your app store descriptions to ensure they are engaging and encourage users to download and interact with your app.

App Store Optimisation
3-5 days
7-14 days

Trailer Video Production

We create custom animated/live action videos for your app that reaches your target audience and drives downloads. 

Trailer Video Production
7-14 days
3-5 days

Product Landing Pages

We create a landing page website for your app and promote it across the social media to acquire thousands of signups prior to your app launch.

Product Landing Pages
3-5 days
5+ days

Influencer Outreach

We reach out to our network of targeted social media and gamer influencers and encourage them to create buzz around your app with their extensive audience.

Influencer Outreach
5+ days
7+ days

Paid User Acquisition

We manage an online ad campaign on select advertising platforms to raise brand and app awareness whilst driving new user acquisition at scale. 

Paid User Acquisition
7+ days
7+ days

Social Media Campaigns

We manage ad campaigns on your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social accounts on a weekly basis to ensure massive social media exposure and interaction.

Social Media Campaign
7+ days
15+ days

Out-of-home Media

We have relationships with major out-of-home advertisers and can promote your app on public transport, public venues and other high traffic locations.

Out-Of-Home Media
15+ days

Continually engage users for a mutually long-term benefit.

Acquiring new users can be costly, so designing your product with marketing in mind is essential. So many people think of marketing as an afterthought when in reality it needs to be front-and-centre from the outset. Even if we don’t handle the marketing for your company, our mobile app development services include placing members of our marketing team on the project for the duration to ensure your app is ready to share with the masses.

When it comes to actual product marketing we’ve got you covered. With everything from traditional media campaigns, out-of-home campaigns, as well as more advanced user acquisition campaigns, we have the connections and knowledge to ensure your product realises it’s full potential. Our high-tech mobile app development services start with campaign planning through to video production and App Store Optimisation (ASO).

Why We're Unique

Why Partner with Glance for App Marketing?

Choosing Glance as your app marketing agency means selecting a partner who understands the importance of combining technology with human psychology. Our services extend beyond mere promotion; we engage with your audience through strategic insights into user behaviour, creating a marketing mix that not only enhances visibility but also fosters loyalty and long-term user retention. Our approach is designed to deliver tangible results, ensuring your app achieves both immediate success and sustained performance.

Enhanced Mobile Experience

Improves app quality and user satisfaction leading to a higher ROI.

Increased User Engagement

Designs features based on behavioural insights to keep users coming back.

Boosted User Retention

Implements mechanisms within apps to foster long-term user loyalty.

By integrating cutting-edge marketing techniques and a deep understanding of user psychology, Glance not only develops but also strategically markets mobile apps to ensure they reach and resonate with the target audience, driving both downloads and engagement. Our holistic approach to app marketing in the UK positions us as the leader in innovative mobile solutions. Contact us to transform your mobile app into a market leader.

App Marketing Process
How We Can Help You

Core Services Offered by Glance

App Store Optimization (ASO):

Enhancing app visibility and user acquisition through optimised store listings.

Social Media and Influencer Marketing:

Expanding reach and building buzz through targeted social strategies.

Data-Driven User Acquisition:

Utilising analytics to refine marketing approaches and improve ROI.

Video Production and Trailers:

Video Production and Trailers: Crafting compelling visual content that highlights app features and attracts users.

Our Previous Work

Great ideas, brilliantly executed.

The apps we build for our clients have had more top 10 hits, organic magazine features, organic press coverage, industry recognition and awards than most of our competitors combined.

Case Study

Campaign For Wool

Working with the charity whose patron is King Charles, we built an installation piece for display at Somerset House during the wool conference. This exhibition brought many different organisations together to showcase the natural fibre and this app told that story in a highly interactive way.

Case Study


Taking full opportunity of the gig economy, Pickle was one of the first real-time odd-job products on the market. The app allows people to post things that need doing and allows other users to bid for them. The product implements a full micro-payments architecture using Stripe.

Case Study


A new kind of café needs a new type of membership app and that’s exactly what we created for the Ziferblat chain of workspaces. With design as unique as the brand itself, the app brought a community of people together to work, rest and socialise whilst being able to attend events and help out.

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What People Say About Us

Our Amazing Client Reviews

We love what we do and we love it, even more, when our clients do too. We’ve worked on some amazing projects with some amazing people and are highly rated on Clutch, our industries highest rated review site.

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How much does it cost to build an App?

If you’re considering building an app, you probably want to get an idea of how much it will cost, and with so many options, it can be a bit difficult to know where to start.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Glance different from other app marketing agencies?

Glance uniquely integrates psychological insights into our app development and marketing strategies. This approach helps us understand and predict user behaviours, leading to higher engagement and retention rates, setting us apart from traditional tech-focused agencies.

How does psychology improve app marketing?

Our development process includes rigorous testing phases such as automated QA, manual testing, and performance testing to ensure the highest quality. We also conduct continuous feedback loops during the agile development process to make immediate improvements.

Can Glance help with App Store Optimization (ASO)?

Yes, we specialise in App Store Optimisation (ASO). Our team enhances your app’s visibility by optimising your app store listings with targeted keywords, compelling descriptions, and engaging visuals that increase the likelihood of downloads and user engagement.

What kind of results can I expect from your app marketing services?

While results can vary based on numerous factors including the app’s niche and competition, our clients typically see improved download rates, increased user engagement, and higher retention rates. Our case studies demonstrate successful outcomes with significant ROI.

How do you measure the success of an app marketing campaign?

We use a variety of metrics such as app store rankings, download numbers, user engagement rates, retention statistics, and overall ROI. Our strategies are data-driven, allowing us to adjust tactics in real-time to optimise campaign performance.

Do you offer services for both iOS and Android platforms?

Yes, our services are comprehensive and cover both iOS and Android platforms. We ensure that our marketing strategies and app optimizations are tailored to the specifics of each platform to maximise performance.

What is included in your social media and influencer marketing services?

Our social media services include strategy development, content creation, and campaign management across platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. In influencer marketing, we connect your app with relevant influencers who can authentically promote your app to their followers.

How long does it take to see results from your app marketing efforts?

The timeframe for seeing tangible results can vary, but typically, initial improvements in app engagement and visibility can be observed within the first few months of implementing our strategies.

How can I get started with Glance?

To get started, you can request a free strategy call where we'll discuss your app's goals and challenges. Following this, we can tailor a marketing strategy that aligns with your business objectives.

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