Reliable app development for startups across industries.

Regardless of your industry, your startup is far more likely to succeed in today’s environment if you offer your customers an app. This app can deliver your primary services, or it can simply be a tool that boosts consistent brand engagement.

You need to choose the best app developers for startups.

Many startup owners find that outsourcing app development is typically the smartest way to create an app. Running a startup involves many responsibilities. Overseeing your own app development team will deprive you of time that may be better spent on other tasks.

So, you need to coordinate with a startup app development company you can rely on. At Glance, we are just that type of company. We’ve successfully helped startups in various industries create apps that either impress customers, or improve behind-the-scenes operations, depending on a startup owner’s goals. We’d be more than happy to do the same for you.

A Proven Process for Reliable Mobile App Development

At Glance, we consistently satisfy our startup clients and their customers by leveraging a process that yields results. We know that every app is different, and believe it is important to fully understand what you are trying to achieve in order to develop a reliable app that matches your original vision.

Additionally, our reliable app development specialists are familiar with all the latest app technologies and innovations.  The next stage involves assembling the team that will develop your app. Again, we appreciate that every app is unique. That’s why we select team members who have the specific startup mobile application development skills necessary to create yours. We’ll also assign a Project Manager to the team. If you ever need to get in touch for any reason, all you have to do is reach out to them directly. They’ll provide a prompt and thorough response.

Reliable Partner

With our enterprise-class process, we help big brands deliver amazing apps.

Full Service Agency

We cover everything from mobile strategy through to design, development and marketing.

Industry Experience

We’ve built apps for some of the worlds biggest brands helping them achieve amazing ROI.

The Value of Mobile App Development for Startups

There are many different reasons you should want to work with app developers for startups. Perhaps the very nature of your business involves providing customers with services directly via an app. Maybe you want to use an app as a promotional tool that improves overall brand awareness. Or, maybe you believe an app could help your workforce more efficiently perform certain key tasks. 

Regardless, in an age when smartphones are becoming more and more ubiquitous, partnering with a startup app development company to work on such a project is one of the smartest business decisions you can make.

Finding the Best App Developers for Startups

You naturally want to prioritize experience when choosing your custom app development team. Although you also need to consider such practical factors as the cost of app development, you don’t want to waste your time and money working with app developers for startups that fail to deliver results. When researching mobile app development for startups, you should consider not only costs, but a company’s process as well. At Glance, we begin by extensively discussing your plans to ensure we thoroughly understand what you wish to achieve with your app. Then we tailor our team based on your specific needs, choosing startup app developers who have the appropriate experience, skills, and knowledge.

Additionally, every team has a Project Manager, who you can contact directly whenever you need updates or wish to provide feedback. This is key to making sure the finished product matches your vision. Choosing a team that has worked with small startups before has key benefits, too. For instance, if you’re worried about enterprise design vs. startup mobile UX, you can rest assured that we know how to create an app that pleases users and doesn’t sacrifice quality in the name of savings. Despite that, because of our experience, we also understand the practical realities of start up costs for app development. So, we work hard to create a strong product within your budget.

Making Sure Your Startup’s Mobile App Gets Noticed

A strong app doesn’t always become a successful app. Unless you’re working with a startup app development company to create a tool you’ll distribute solely internally, you also need to take steps to ensure potential users know your app exists. This is another reason to work with Glance. Along with our app development services for startups, we also help our clients develop their marketing plans.

After all, a strong marketing campaign should clearly explain to users why a particular app is worth downloading. The team that actually created it will be more likely to understand these benefits and features than an outside marketing team.

A Portfolio to Inspire Confidence About App Development for Startups

Any team that creates mobile apps for startups will claim they can turn your vision into a reality. Luckily, when you work with Glance, you don’t need to simply hope we’re telling the truth when we say we have the experience and skills necessary to offer reliable app development for startups. By consistently providing quality services, we’ve attracted such major clients as Canon, Chanel, and of course, numerous startups. On top of that, our apps have often attracted hundreds of thousands of users. They routinely provide glowing testimonials praising our apps.

Mobile app development startup costs get much higher when you work with a company that doesn’t create a strong product with the first iteration. That’s fortunately not something you need to worry about when you partner with Glance. We have the portfolio of excellence to prove it.

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