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Internet of Things technology has changed the way we think about app development. Top brands across a range of industries are leveraging IoT apps accordingly.

IoT Application Development

Brands that prioritise IoT app development are the brands most likely to stay relevant.

Releasing your own IoT application can help you offer unique customer experiences, operate with greater efficiency behind-the-scenes, and much more. You simply need to enlist the help of Internet of Things development specialists who thoroughly understand this technology. Fortunately, at Glance, you’ll find a team of skilled developers with the experience necessary to build IoT devices and products that are sure to impress. Whether you’re looking for iOS or Android IoT developers, we’re the right specialists for the job.

A Proven Process for IoT Mobile App Development

At Glance, we consistently satisfy our clients and their customers by leveraging a process that yields results. We know that every app is different, and believe it is important to fully understand what you are trying to achieve in order to develop an IoT app that matches your original vision. Additionally, our enterprise app development specialists are familiar with all the latest app technologies and innovations. 

The next stage involves assembling the team that will develop your app. Again, we appreciate that every app is unique. That’s why we select team members who have the specific IoT mobile application development skills necessary to create yours. We’ll also assign a Project Manager to the team. If you ever need to get in touch for any reason, all you have to do is reach out to them directly. They’ll provide a prompt and thorough response.

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Why Building Internet of Things Applications is the Future

The IoT is impacting businesses in a variety of ways. In general, however, it’s expanding what we believe apps can be – and what they can do.
The IoT simply refers to devices connected via the internet that you wouldn’t traditionally imagine would connect in such a manner. For instance, if you were planning to build IoT devices for your app, examples of devices you might create include smart voice assistant controllers (such as Google Home or Amazon Echo).

Or, a smart doorbell that can let you know when someone is at your door even if you’re not home via a smartphone IoT app. Even a smart thermostat that automatically adjusts itself based on your usual behaviours and preferences fits the bill.
Regardless of the device, however, it can only truly deliver on its potential through compatible IoT apps. As IoT devices grow in popularity, there’s never been a better time to focus on custom IoT development.

Choosing the Right IoT App Development Team

You obviously need to choose a team of experts who have experience building Internet of Things apps when seeking a team to create your product. Again, at Glance, experience is one of the main benefits we offer. However, it’s not the only benefit. We also understand that every project is unique. That means we work hard during the early discussions to ensure we thoroughly understand exactly what you want your custom Internet of Things app to do. Once we know precisely what you want us to create, we select team members with relevant skills and experience, tailoring the team to your specific needs and goals.

Each team also has a Project Manager. If you ever want to check-in for updates, ask questions, or provide feedback, you can reach out to them directly for a prompt response. On top of that, we have experience in numerous industries and fields, specialising in everything from luxury retail app development to gaming app development.

Make Sure Your Custom IoT Application Gets Noticed

You already know you need a strong IoT app if you want it to succeed in an increasingly competitive environment. That said, even impressive IoT applications can fail if their target audiences don’t know about them.  Effective marketing plays a crucial role in your success. However, with a technical product like a custom IoT app, the people who develop your marketing strategy need to understand exactly how it would benefit users.

Fortunately, at Glance, our services don’t end at building Internet of Things applications. We also help market them. This saves you time and money you might otherwise spend seeking an outside marketing team. It also ensures your marketing strategy is rooted in a genuine appreciation of the product.

Pick IoT Development Experts With a Portfolio of Excellence

How can you be certain that the company you hire for iOS or Android IoT development actually fulfills its promises? At Glance, we know this is a common concern. That’s why we don’t encourage you to merely accept our word on faith. Instead, we ask that anyone considering working with us on Internet of Things development browse our extensive portfolio. A quick review of our past work will indicate we’ve worked with numerous major brands, including Canon, Universal Music Group, Chanel, and many more. We’ve been able to consistently attract these types of clients thanks to our strong reputation.

Reviewing our portfolio will also prove we can develop IoT applications that are genuinely likely to succeed. Many of our apps have attracted hundreds of thousands of users. Some have even attracted millions! It’s also not uncommon for those users to leave glowing reviews of our apps, helping them become even more popular. Don’t take a chance when deciding who your IoT application development team should be. Instead, protect your investment by hiring a team with a proven track record of excellence.

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