We focus on successful products, not just successful projects.

To achieve this we look beyond beautiful design and the latest technology and focus on gathering data to make informed decisions on your product. The rest comes as standard.

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Innovative Mobile App Development at Glance

Leading Mobile App Development Strategy for Unmatched User Engagement

At Glance, we pioneer the integration of psychological insights into mobile app development, ensuring each application not only meets technical expectations but deeply connects with users on an emotional and behavioural level. Our bespoke strategy focuses on in-depth user behaviour analysis and psychological profiling, which are critical in creating applications that are not only functional but also highly engaging and successful in the competitive app market.

Comprehensive App Research and Development: Harnessing thorough market and behavioural research to build apps that truly resonate with users.
Tailored Development Strategy: Each project is approached with a unique strategy, focused on deep understanding and innovation, to meet specific client needs.
Psychology-Driven Design and Implementation: Integrating psychological principles to enhance user interface and experience for maximum engagement and retention.
App Research Strategy
How We Do It

Our Human Centered Process

Our app research/strategy services are designed to give you the answers you need to build the right product the right way. We have helped clients at every stage of their projects in building market best-fit products.

1-3 days

Discovery Workshop

Our discovery workshop is about understanding you, your project, the problem and the market.

Discovery Workshop
1-3 days
3-5 days

Defining The 'Why'

We understand the 'why' of your product and the aspects that make it stand out for you and your users.

Defining The Why
3-5 days
5+ days

Target Audience Research

Extensive research carried out to confirm any assumptions and detail account audience segments to maximise ROI.

Target Audience Research
5+ days
3-5 days

Competitor Research

Ensuring there is sufficient market appetite whilst identifying and understanding the main competitors. 

Competitor Research
3-5 days
5+ days

User Research

Research is prepared, conducted, reviewed, and analysed to understand individual users within your target audience better.

User Research
5+ days
3-5 days

Focus Groups

We run in-person focus groups with a wide demographic. These focus groups are explorative to gather unbiased opinion.

Focus Group
3-5 days
5+ days

Analysis and Insight

After collecting all the data, we start an in-depth analysis to identify key insight and validations on the product direction.

Analysis Insight
5+ days

Executing perfectly on the wrong idea is pointless.

Even if you’ve thoroughly researched your idea and analysed your target market, it’s likely you’re missing some key aspects to your app. We pride ourselves on our mobile app development services that go beyond standard focus groups and market research and focus on the psychology of products, user behaviour, and emotional triggers to help our clients shape their ideas into something meaningful and highly engaging. The results are products that are as intuitive as they are delightful.

From mobile app development financial services to healthcare to retail, by taking a much deeper look at the products we build for clients, we end up creating apps that people love to talk about and share – a great thing for any digital product! If you’re wondering how to engage people more, or drive a more positive user experience with your app then it all starts at the research stage. By building up a much fuller picture of the mindset of your users, we help you see the bigger picture for your app.

App Research Process
How We Can Help You

Core Phases of Our App Development Strategy

Discovery and Strategy Formulation:

Initiating projects with a discovery workshop to align our objectives with client goals and user needs.

Behavioural and Market Analysis:

Employing advanced research techniques to dive deep into user psychology and market demands.

Strategic Development and Execution:

Translating insights into actionable development plans that are meticulously executed to deliver superior apps.

Glance excels in developing technologically advanced mobile apps enhanced by psychological insights to boost user engagement. Our approach starts with a strategic discovery phase, focusing on user behaviour and market dynamics to align our development closely with user expectations and business objectives. Enriched with behavioural research, our process goes beyond conventional methods by incorporating psychological triggers that improve engagement and retention. This approach has consistently led to the creation of top-ranking apps across various platforms.
Our Previous Work

Great ideas, brilliantly executed.

The apps we build for our clients have had more top 10 hits, organic magazine features, organic press coverage, industry recognition and awards than most of our competitors combined.

Case Study

The Sun

Providing up-to-the-minute news was the core brief for The Sun project. Unlike most news apps, there was a shift away from replicating the print edition and instead focusing on breaking news as it happened. With a high transactional footprint the app had to be highly scalable and secure.

Case Study


Aimed at young children wishing to learn English, the Busuu app was illustrated by one of our artists in order to create a colourful place for kids to learn and play. The app combined several key strategies developed by Busuu along with some engaging games and activities in order to aid learning.

Case Study

CMC Markets

With millisecond accuracy requirements, the CMC Markets trading application had the highest of demands but the lowest of tolerances when it came to speed and efficiency. We had to work at the lowest network level to attain the kinds of performance required of trading apps such as this.

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What People Say About Us

Our Amazing Client Reviews

We love what we do and we love it, even more, when our clients do too. We’ve worked on some amazing projects with some amazing people and are highly rated on Clutch, our industries highest rated review site.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What sets Glance apart in mobile app development?

Glance distinguishes itself by integrating psychological insights into the mobile app development process. This approach ensures each app not only meets technical standards but also engages users on a deeper emotional and behavioural level.

How do psychological insights enhance mobile app development?

By incorporating psychological principles, Glance enhances the user interface and experience, significantly increasing user engagement and retention. This strategic inclusion leads to apps that resonate more effectively with users, ensuring they are not only functional but also genuinely enjoyable to use.

What is involved in the discovery and strategy formulation phase?

During the discovery phase, Glance conducts workshops to align our development objectives with client goals and user needs. This phase is crucial for setting the direction of the project and ensuring that the app's development aligns with strategic business objectives.

How does Glance handle behavioural and market analysis?

We employ advanced research techniques to deeply understand user psychology and market demands. This comprehensive analysis informs the app's features and functionalities, making sure they meet the real and current needs of the market.

Can you explain the strategic development and execution phase?

In this phase, insights gathered from behavioural and market analysis are transformed into actionable development plans. These plans are meticulously executed to ensure the final product is not only technically sound but also strategically optimised to engage and retain users.

What makes an app developed by Glance successful in competitive markets?

Our apps succeed because they are built on a foundation of extensive user and market research, combined with the integration of psychological insights. This approach ensures our apps meet the specific needs of the target audience, making them more appealing and effective in competitive environments.

How does Glance ensure high user engagement and retention?

By focusing on psychological triggers and user-centric design, our apps promote greater user engagement and retention. We design every feature and interaction in the app to be engaging, intuitive, and rewarding, encouraging users to keep coming back.

Are Glance’s apps developed for specific industries or can they be adapted for any sector?

While Glance has expertise across various industries, our methodologies and approaches are adaptable to meet the specific needs and challenges of any sector, ensuring that every app we develop has the potential to lead its market.

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