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Do you have an idea for the next big mobile game? If so, you need to coordinate with qualified game development app specialists to bring your vision to life.

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Choosing the Right Mobile Game Development Company


A strong idea for a game does not guarantee success; strong execution of your idea is also crucial.That’s why it’s important to work with mobile game developers who have the experience and expertise necessary to deliver results.

In other words, Glance is the ideal game app development company for your needs. Serving clients throughout the UK, our mobile game developers are eager to help you transform an idea into a game customers will love.

The Value of Our Mobile App Game Development Process

Our team consistently creates apps that thrill our clients and their users. This is a direct result of our consistent process. The first stage involves initial discussions. We’ll talk with you to ensure we thoroughly understand what type of game you want to create. Additionally, because we are experts in all major areas of app development – from hospitality apps to luxury retail – we are able to offer suggestions to further improve upon your idea. 

Thoroughly understanding your goals for Android and iOS game development doesn’t simply help us design a game that matches your vision; it also helps us decide who will work on the project. Again, we understand that every app we build is unique. A Project Manager will oversee the entire development process. They’ll also ensure you always have someone to contact when you want updates. 

Reliable Partner

With our enterprise-class process, we help big brands deliver amazing apps.

Full Service Agency

We cover everything from mobile strategy through to design, development and marketing.

Industry Experience

We’ve built apps for some of the worlds biggest brands helping them achieve amazing ROI.

The Appeal of Mobile Game Development

It’s easy to understand why mobile games account for some of the most successful apps in the world. For decades, people have enjoyed playing video games of various types. The rise of smartphones and similar devices has made doing so easier than ever. We’ll build a game your target users will embrace.

Our versatile mobile game developers can tackle virtually any project you have in mind. Do you need Unity mobile app development experts? iOS game development specialists? Regardless of your goals, we’ll help you achieve them.

Picking Your Game App Development Company

Yes, the fact that we offer every type of Android and iOS game development service is a smart reason to work with us. However, versatility is by no means the only reason to choose Glance as your mobile game development company. You also need to know you’re in the hands of genuinely experienced professionals who take your game seriously and won’t rush the development process.

While we do strive to work efficiently, our top goal is to deliver a game you can be proud of. We’ll leverage all our expertise and resources to do so.

Mobile App Game Development and Marketing

Mobile game developers face a lot of competition. Gamers have numerous apps from which to choose when deciding what to download next. You therefore need to ensure you’re taking steps to spread the word about yours. Additionally, your marketing content should clearly express why your game is worth trying. This is yet another reason to choose Glance. Along with handling mobile game development, we’ll also help you develop a strategy to market the final product.

Relying on us to help your game get noticed is much smarter than hiring an outside marketing firm. After all, the mobile game marketing team best equipped to explain why your game is appealing will always be the team that actually designed it.

Our Portfolio Proves Our Excellence in Game App Development and More

You probably understand that any game app development company you approach will try to convince you they have the skills necessary to handle your project. Few mobile game developers will tell you they aren’t qualified to meet your expectations. Proving that expertise, though, should come down to previous success and experience. So, we at Glance simply invite you to browse our portfolio. You’ll see that, along with mobile games, we’ve created a wide range of other successful apps.

Our products often attract hundreds of thousands of users. In some cases, they even attract millions. Most importantly, users frequently provide testimonials describing how our apps deliver genuine value. This has given us the opportunity to work with such major brands as Chanel and Canon. Hire a team that has a portfolio to prove they’re right for the job.

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