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Virtual reality and Augmented Reality aren’t up and coming trends in app development: they’re here now. More and more mobile users look to AR and VR apps for entertainment, shopping, and organisation. VR app development is easy with Glance – a leading development team fully versed in what mobile users want to see in AR app development.

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Harness the Power of VR and AR for Your Audience

As a leading VR App development company, we see how in-demand this technology truly is from mobile device users. VR application development takes interactive experiences and puts them in the palms of anyone with a phone or tablet. From augmented reality game development to VR shopping tools that help customers visualise outfits and home decor, Glance is here to lend its expertise in app marketplaces and development. They can set you up for success with the latest tech in mobile applications.

Our experienced development team can create a world-class VR and AR app fit for your needs. We work with you on VR app development from start to finish. 

A Proven Process for VR App Development

At Glance, we consistently satisfy our clients and their customers by leveraging a process that yields results. We know that every app is different, and believe it is important to fully understand what you are trying to achieve in order to develop a virtual app that matches your original vision. Additionally, our virtual app development specialists are familiar with all the latest app technologies and innovations. 

The next stage involves assembling the team that will develop your app. Again, we appreciate that every app is unique. That’s why we select team members who have the specific enterprise mobile application development skills necessary to create yours. We’ll also assign a Project Manager to the team. If you ever need to get in touch for any reason, all you have to do is reach out to them directly. They’ll provide a prompt and thorough response.

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With our enterprise-class process, we help big brands deliver amazing apps.

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We cover everything from mobile strategy through to design, development and marketing.

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We’ve built apps for some of the worlds biggest brands helping them achieve amazing ROI.

Why VR/AR?

Virtual reality and augmented reality apps are a growing area of the app marketplace. More and more companies are looking to hire an app developer to create interactive and immersive experiences for mobile device users. VR and AR offer users a new vision of their favorite games and shopping experiences. When brands offer these experiences to their audience, they spend more time and money on VR experiences than the traditional mobile app.

Ecommerce app developers are finding more customers look to VR as a necessity now rather than a feature. The ability to digitally render outfits, home decor, or immersive gaming experiences on their mobile device is becoming a must-have.

When companies invest money in virtual reality app development, they show their audience that what they have to offer is dynamic. Developing an AR or VR app can build a more dedicated audience of mobile users. Plus, investing in the latest technology draws other tech-minded users to your offerings and helps establish your presence as a forward-thinking brand. 

Finding the Right VR App Development Company

AR and VR still feel new to mobile application users, but developers are well-versed in the technology. When it comes to these immersive experiences, the app development team you hire needs to know how the technology works, but also how to make it matter in the hands of the user. It’s not enough to offer a VR experience that simply shows what an augmented experience looks like. Users should feel the app works with their needs organically, helping to enhance their mobile app experience rather than show off a fancy gimmick. 

As far as AR and VR apps go, hands-on experience is a must from your developers. It’s also crucial they know how to build a VR app that’s meant to grow with time. As you scale your ecommerce app, finding ways to improve the user experience keeps an app relevant. The vision to build something that’s meant to last only comes with expert knowledge of the technology. 

Carving Out Space in the App Marketplace

More and more AR and VR apps exist on the app marketplace now than ever before. It’s a good sign that it’s time to invest in these digital experiences. It also means that you need to be ready to compete for user attention and usage with hundreds of other competitors. The best way to carve out space in the app marketplace is to work with your VR app development company on what makes your brand unique.

Custom app development teams know to listen to their clients about what factors will make this app stand out among the rest. In many cases, it’s the little things that make a big difference. A unique perspective on the market or creative audience engagement can be amplified thanks to virtual and augmented reality.

Using the latest technology to enhance what helps you stand out can resonate with users in a big way. 

Everything from the user interface to AR mobile app design choices can dictate what a user thinks about when they think of your brand. Using virtual reality is unlike any other mobile app experience. Making yours feel exemplary compared to the rest can be tough, but the right app development team knows how to help you stand out.

A Portfolio of VR and AR Innovation

Picking an AR app development company often involves knowing about their previous work. For Glance, that means allowing potential clients to browse our rich portfolio of VR and AR related apps. 

We walk you through past builds by showing how to brainstorm sessions with clients turn into real user experiences for mobile apps. The process we find to help us and our clients succeed also includes keeping marketing and audience engagement in mind throughout the entire development process. Here, we can find ways to fulfill the audience’s needs while also making plans for the marketing strategy that will help get the app into the user’s hands.

It all comes down to expert knowledge and hands-on experience. We’re excited to learn more about your vision for a VR or AR app. We can help in any stage of the app development process, including how to create AR and VR apps. We’re happy to show you what we know works best given our years of experience in the industry.

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