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We operate within a creative and friendly app development culture, and our expert Android app designers in London have produced award-winning Android applications that have hit the top spots in the Google Play Store.

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What We Do At Glance

Tailored Android App Development for Maximum Impact

Glance is a premier android app development company based in London, UK, specialising in creating applications that integrate sophisticated technological solutions with insightful psychological principles. This unique approach not only differentiates our apps in competitive markets but also maximises user engagement and retention. Our extensive experience across various industries, including healthcare, finance, and entertainment, enables us to offer versatile and tailored Android development services that align perfectly with your strategic goals.

Expertise in Android App Development: Proficient in native and cross-platform technologies, ensuring high-performance applications for smartphones, tablets, and wearables.
Psychology-Driven Design: Unique incorporation of user behaviour analysis to design apps that are intuitive and user-friendly.
Proven Track Record: Successfully launched multiple top-rated apps in the App Store, showcasing our capability to deliver excellence.
Android App Development

London Android App Development Clients

We’ve helped a variety of startups and entrepreneurs, just like you, breathe life into their ideas, helping them achieve fantastic results and impressive ROI. We’re the go-to Android development company in London, and we do not limit our range of services to one specific platform as we provide iOS app development as well.

Our Android native development team in London has also collaborated with some of the worlds biggest brands on their mobile products and backend infrastructure; so you’re in good hands.

How Will Working With Us Benefit You?

When collaborating with an Android app developer in London like us, we take pride in making it our mission to stand out from the already overcrowded mobile market. Being an Android development company in the UK/London ultimately means you have endless options when deciding who to partner and invest your trust with. This is why we like to have a competitive edge within the mobile industry as we incorporate a unique psychology and user-focused services into our London Android mobile app development process. 

Although creating a top-performing mobile app is the sole objective of our Android app design team in London, it’s important that we also work with you to ensure a smooth creation process and gain a better understanding of your users. Expand your knowledge of the intricate strategies involved when developing a mobile app with our series of detailed guides. We've made our guides just for you to help you kickstart your journey into the world of Android application development and to get your mobile apps in the app stores.

How We Can Help You

Glance's Comprehensive Android Development Services

At Glance, our Android app development services are designed to cover every aspect of the app creation process. From initial strategy formulation and UX/UI design to development, testing, and deployment, our approach is meticulously tailored to meet the unique requirements of each client. By integrating psychological principles into every stage, we ensure that our apps are not only user-friendly but also strategically poised to meet business objectives.

Android UX/UI Design

Crafting intuitive and engaging user interfaces based on psychological principles that enhance user interaction

Custom Android Development

Developing high-quality native Android applications tailored to the specific needs of your business.

Cross-platform Solutions

Utilising advanced frameworks to deliver consistent and efficient cross-platform applications.

App Testing & QA

Rigorous testing protocols to ensure the app's performance, security, and scalability.

Post-Launch Support and Maintenance

Continuous monitoring and updates to improve app performance and adapt to user feedback and evolving market conditions.
UI Design Services
Why We're Unique

Why Choose Glance for App Development

Tailored Solutions:

Each app is crafted with a focus on the specific needs of the client, from design to deployment.

Full Lifecycle Support:

Comprehensive support from the initial concept through development, deployment, and post-launch enhancements.

UK-Based Expertise:

Local understanding paired with global reach ensures that your app performs well both locally and on the international stage.

By specialising in Android app development, Glance integrates psychological acumen with technical expertise to deliver superior mobile applications. Our approach not only differentiates us from other developers but also empowers our clients to achieve their business objectives through enhanced user engagement and innovative functionality. Whether you're looking to develop a new app or revamp an existing one, Glance is your trusted partner in creating Android applications that truly stand out in the competitive market.
Our Previous Work

Great ideas, brilliantly executed.

The apps we build for our clients have had more top 10 hits, organic magazine features, organic press coverage, industry recognition and awards than most of our competitors combined.

Case Study


The Christmas Hamper app for CHANEL was one of three we produced, with this one being deployed in their Regent Street store in London. Placed at the store entrance to entice shoppers to purchase a customised gift hamper for their loved ones, the app was highly intuitive and tactile.

Case Study


Aimed at young children wishing to learn English, the Busuu app was illustrated by one of our artists in order to create a colourful place for kids to learn and play. The app combined several key strategies developed by Busuu along with some engaging games and activities in order to aid learning.

Case Study


Designed for the large numbers of students that use Scape for their accommodation, the Scape Student Living app keeps users up-to-date with their parcels, maintenance issues, events and wellbeing content from a beautifully designed, user-focused app. The app is deployed to multiple countries.

What We Did

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What People Say About Us

Our Amazing Client Reviews

We love what we do and we love it, even more, when our clients do too. We’ve worked on some amazing projects with some amazing people and are highly rated on Clutch, our industries highest rated review site.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Glance different from other Android app development companies?

At Glance, we distinguish ourselves through our unique approach that integrates psychological insights with advanced technological solutions. This methodology not only enhances user engagement and retention but also ensures our apps are both intuitive and effective, aligning perfectly with users' needs and behaviours.

What types of Android apps does Glance develop?

We specialise in developing a wide range of Android apps including, but not limited to, business applications, healthcare apps, financial platforms, and entertainment applications. Our expertise extends to both native and cross-platform development, catering to diverse client needs.

Can Glance handle the publishing process on the Google Play Store?

Yes, we manage the entire publishing process for our clients, ensuring that the app complies with all Google Play Store guidelines, which includes handling listings, descriptions, and compliance matters.

Does Glance provide post-launch app support?

Absolutely. We offer comprehensive post-launch support and maintenance services to ensure your app remains up-to-date with the latest Android standards and technology enhancements. This includes bug fixes, performance enhancements, and feature updates.

What is involved in the initial consultation for Android app development?

During the initial consultation, our team discusses your vision, goals, and requirements for the app. We explore the psychological aspects of your target users and how these insights can be leveraged to enhance the app's design and functionality.

How does Glance ensure the security of the apps it develops?

We adhere to rigorous security protocols throughout the app development process, including compliance with GDPR, HIPAA, and other regulatory standards as needed. We also implement best practices in data encryption, secure coding, and regular security audits.

Can Glance integrate existing systems into a new Android app?

Yes, we have extensive experience in system integration and can seamlessly integrate your existing databases, CRM systems, and other software into the new Android app to ensure a unified operation and user experience.

How can I get a quote for my Android app project?

To get a detailed quote for your Android app project, please contact us directly through our website, or use our online form to submit your project details. One of our specialists will get back to you promptly to discuss your needs and provide a tailored estimate.

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