3 Ways to Use Social Media to Reach the Mobile Audience

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Aug 23, 2017

With over 2 billion users spread across major social networks like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and others, it would be insane for every brand and business not to utilise this audience. No matter if you are a local business, online or mobile focused, there are many benefits to focusing your efforts on social media.

That is exactly what we will cover in this article: how to use social media to reach the best mobile audience.

With so many users together in one location, it’s never been easier for anyone to create campaigns, grab attention and take advantage of viral marketing while still hitting your exact target audience.

Create Social Marketing Campaigns Through Facebook Ads

Facebook is definitely the biggest player in the social media space and ever since they launched their self-serve advertising platform, individuals and brands of all sizes have been creating amazing ad campaigns that really target in on their niche audience.

For example, if you had a brand or business that focused on yoga supplies or classes, you could create ad campaigns that were seen only by females living in the United States, in between the ages of 25-35 that have an interest in “yoga” or “exercising.” 

Facebook is definitely the biggest player in the social media space.Click To Tweet

By creating these effective ad campaigns and setting up the targeting, this simply means you will have higher conversions and less wasted ad dollars.

So how can you apply these same techniques to a mobile audience? Simple… when you are setting up an ad campaign through Facebook Ads, select the “mobile ads only” feature; this way your ads will only be seen by people who are viewing Facebook through their mobile device.

This is also a great advertising method for anyone looking to generate more awareness and downloads of their mobile-based apps.

Make Your Website Mobile and Social Friendly

One huge component for creating a successful online business or brand is to make sure that your site and content is viewable on all devices… which includes desktops, tablets and of course mobile devices.

With more sites running off the WordPress platform, it’s a lot easier to make sure your site is compatible with all devices; however, you will want to confirm this with your design team as well. If it’s not already, this can usually be fixed with the simple addition of a WordPress plugin like WPTouch.

In addition to making your site content mobile friendly, you also want to make it socially friendly. This means having social sharing buttons on your page that are easy to find and that allow people to connect with you through your site or mobile app with just a few clicks.

Many brands are doing this wrong and either have a setup that is too complicated, or they simply avoid this communication and engagement altogether.

Customers want to learn more and engage with the brands and businesses they are buying from and using. Make this process seamless and you will see a much higher conversion for engagement, signups and loyalty toward your brand.

Create Content that People Want to Share

Trending off our previous point about the power of social and mobile viewing, we also need to talk about the power of going viral and having your audience become advocates for your brand.

Here’s another example for you…

Let’s say you are a gym or yoga school and each of your students has a mobile app for your brand or a way to track their progress on your site. Once a class has finished, many of these customers would love to share a tweet or Facebook update with their friends, such as “Just completed a 30-minute workout! I feel great” or “I burned 280 calories in my latest yoga class.”

The concept here is that if you provide value and make it easy for someone to share content they are interested in, people will share it!

Not only are these social updates unique and original from the person sending it out, but they are giving huge testimonials and advertising for your brand.

You don’t need to be a gym or yoga-related business to use these same practices – you simply need to cater to your audience and give them what they want.

Social Media and Mobile Are Here to Stay!

No matter what methods you are using to improve your social media and mobile reach, it speaks volumes that you are actively pursuing these areas. For years the industry has been saying “mobile is next big thing” – right NOW mobile is the big thing and the last thing you want to do is be that brand or business that is simply behind and doesn’t have a mobile or social platform to engage with loyal customers.

Zac Johnson is an entrepreneur, public speaker and mentor at Blogging.org, an online course for marketing and content creation.

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