5 Big Predictions for 2016 Your App Developers Can Know Now

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Aug 23, 2017

From shopping and dining to improving workplace productivity, mobile apps have transformed the lives of people everywhere. For an app to be successful, it needs to solve a common problem, provide value to users, and simplify daily tasks. There are a variety of predictions for 2016 that will allow app developers to design apps around the specific needs and trends of the public. Here are the top predictions that will inspire the future of app development.

More people are using apps than ever before, and the market continues to grow.

1. Apps will emphasise security. In 2014, Gartner predicted that over 75 percent of mobile apps wouldn’t pass basic security tests. Given the infamous hacking attack against Apple’s App Store last September, app security is a topic on everyone’s mind. Apps are vulnerable to hacking and viruses, and this can compromise the sensitive information of users, while sabotaging the integrity of the app developers. In 2016, app developers will be focusing more time and energy into added security precautions to assuage the general public and keep hackers at bay.
2. Apps will be mostly hybrid. According to Gartner, as of 2016, over 50 percent of apps will be hybrid. Gartner claims that enterprises are under tremendous pressure to create mobile apps that will assist with mobile working, while providing people with more functionality and efficiency.
3. The market will strengthen. The number of smartphone users is on the rise. In 2010, just 62.6 million people owned smartphones, and by 2015 that number has grown to 184.2 million. It’s anticipated that an additional 14.3 million people will get smartphones in 2016, leading to an increase in app revenue of $12.84 billion. With a perpetually strengthening market for app developers, the competition in app deployment will be more fierce than ever. 

More people are using apps than ever before, and the market continues to grow.Click To Tweet 4. Apps will cater to children. A report by Common Sense Media found that 38 percent of children under the age of two are already using iPhones, and 60 percent of teenagers use them as well. As iPhones and Androids continue to evolve and become more prolific in society, that number will only increase. App developers need to be focusing their attention on apps that provide value to children and teens. Apps that provide education tools to kids, cater to the trends of teenagers, and offer busy mothers with a tool to distract and pacify their children, will become increasingly popular in the new year.


Children compose a growing market demographic for apps, and developers need to keep their interests in mind.

5. Wristwatch apps will fizzle out. For app developers seeking to create apps that accommodate watches, such as the Apple Watch or Sony SmartWatch, you may want to consider new avenues. The Apple Watch, as well as its competitors, has been fairly unsuccessful, and its future looks no brighter in 2016.

Many app developers are hoping to kick off the new year with innovative apps that cater to the trends of consumers. By applying these 2016 predictions to the development process, you can create apps that are more in tune with the needs and desires of the public. 2016 will bring with it a surge in children with smartphones, an increased demand for security, an emphasis on hybrid app development, and a strengthening market for developers. To enhance your app development, contact us, and learn about our premium app creation studio.

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