5 Reasons Every Business Should Focus on Mobile App Development

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Aug 23, 2017

While most small businesses recognise the importance of a mobile app, few have actually made strides in creating one. According to a poll conducted by Endurance International Group, 71 percent of small businesses realise that a mobile app will benefit their business, and yet 78 percent don’t currently have an app. However, as the world becomes increasingly mobile, offering apps to customers may no longer be optional. Here are some of the main reasons your business needs to create a mobile app.

Mobile apps increase engagement and satisfaction among customers.

1. You’ll provide better customer service. Customer service is one of the most important aspects of running a thriving company, and yet, customers seem to grow more demanding every day. With an app, you can provide on-demand customer service, so customers can receive support from wherever they are, all from their mobile device.
2. It makes shopping easy. A mobile app can enable shopping from mobile devices, which has the potential to boost sales. Online shopping has grown tremendously popular over the years, and according to the Wall Street Journal, the majority of customers prefer to conduct their shopping online. A mobile app gives customers an entire shopping mall in the palm of their hand, allowing them to browse product selections, find coupons, and order items from their phone or tablet.
3. You’ll keep customers connected to your store. Apps have the potential to connect your customers to your products and increase sales. Kraft came out with iFood Assistant, an app that offers recipes to users based around Kraft food products, while providing coupons to encourage sales and share features to magnify their social media impact. Businesses that offer apps can keep customers connected to their products, while greatly influencing social media shares as well.
4. You’ll improve customer engagement. A mobile app offers your company with an opportunity to connect to your customers in real-time. Not only will it provide the profile information of customers, allowing you to engage with them on a more personal level, but it also provides locational information. One way businesses have leveraged locational data is by planting devices throughout their store that pick up on the location of the customers in relation to the products. The app can then send coupons or promotions to customers based on their location in the store.

A mobile app will connect customers to your store in real time.

5. It improves marketing. With a mobile app, you can market directly to each individual customer. It makes it easier to personalise a marketing strategy, since you can collect personalised data from each phone, thus tailoring your marketing campaign to the interests of each unique customer. As the app collects data about the interests and hobbies of customers, you can create product recommendation, offer coupons, and apply discounts based on their interests, which will greatly improve your potential for sales. 

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Mobile apps have the ability to significantly improve a business model and provide more value to customers. They can improve customer service, increase customer satisfaction, and fuel marketing strategies. Yet, a minority of small businesses are currently utilising mobile apps, resulting in fewer potential sales and weakened client retention. For businesses seeking mobile app development in London, Glance offers a complete platform to innovate, develop, and market an app, providing your company with everything it needs to create a useful app to customers. Contact us to learn more.

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