5 Things That Make a Super-Successful App Development Team

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What makes a development team better than others? Consistently, you see the same development teams producing the top apps in their particular category, such as games or business apps or convenience apps. Why are these teams able to knock balls out of the park every inning, while other teams struggle to stay at bat long enough to score? Here are the top qualities of a stellar app development team and how you can assemble one of your own.

1. A Leader Capable of Leading

Creating a great team always starts with selecting the ideal leader.

Due to the law of gravity, everything rolls downhill. Whether it’s a good attitude, a commitment to quality, or something negative, it all flows from the top down. That means that any good team has to start with a good leader. Make sure your app developers have a leader with qualities they can admire and mimic for success.

2. A Team With Unified Goals and Purpose

Every team has various personality types and people with different strengths and different weaknesses. But no matter how varied your team may be, they need to share a common goal and be able to work together to achieve a purpose. This means the ability to support each other, be cheerleaders for each other, and help each other achieve their true potential.

3. Good Communication Abilities

Are team members able to discuss issues they disagree on without losing their cool? Can they express themselves freely and listen without judging or criticizing? A strong development team is able to communicate with each other on a level of trust and respect. They maintain this trust and respect regardless of whether or not they agree with each other at the moment.

4. Minimal Distractions

Great teams are able to filter out all of the irrelevant chatter in the organization and focus on the task at hand, that is, developing great apps. These teams aren’t sucked into office politics or other unnecessary distractions. Instead, they stick together, support one another, and make sure their deadlines are met and the work gets done. Meetings are kept to a minimum, because it’s easy to fall into the trap of holding meetings for the sake of holding meetings, when little or no actual productive work or decision making gets done in those meetings. Highly successful teams find other ways to collaborate and communicate on the issues.

5. A Team That Knows Rewards are Worth Working For

Mediocre teams believe that they should earn a reward just for showing up and doing their jobs. Stellar teams won’t accept or expect a reward unless they’ve done something extraordinary. 

Any good team has to start with a good leader.Click To Tweet

Team leaders who offer rewards and follow through with those promises get more work and better work from their teams. Excellent development teams are willing to dig in and put forth the effort to earn those rewards. They aren’t sitting around waiting for handouts or “good job” praises when they haven’t earned it.

As you can see, great app development teams don’t grow on trees. They take considerable time, effort, care, and discipline to achieve. When you need top notch app development, turn to the pros at Glance. They can develop native apps to put your brand on the map.

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