7 Productivity Hacks to Streamline App Development

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Aug 23, 2017

The app development process is often long and convoluted, resulting in a lengthy period between the initial prototype and getting the app to market. Fortunately, many tricks can help you get your app to market more quickly while improving upon your current app development process. Here are some hacks to help streamline development while still creating excellent apps.

Designing an app is time-consuming, but these hacks will expedite the process.

1. Assemble a great team. Perhaps the most important aspect of app development is assembling a core team of developers. Don’t just seek developers who are talented and knowledgeable about app development, but assemble a team of like-minded people who will be able to work together to create the app. Collaboration is critical to efficiency, and by starting with a great team, you’ll be able to effectively work together and release the app in a reasonable timeframe.
2. Commit to 100 per cent code coverage. Perhaps the most difficult part of the app development process is managing technical debt. Kim MacCormack, the Senior Software Engineer and Architect at IBM, believes that the “best way to manage technical debt is to commit to 100% code coverage. With that foundation, the team can feel confident that a refactoring effort won’t cause unexpected consequences.” She says she is always careful to build refactoring into her team’s schedule since apps need redesign and updates.
3. Develop apps in the cloud. Relying at least partially on the cloud for app development can significantly improve collaboration and reduce market time. With cloud-based data sharing, your app development team can work more cohesively to conquer app development while requiring fewer face-to-face meetings.
4. Create administrative dashboards for apps. With an administrative dashboard, your customer will have more control over their own data. It will also allow you to unroll the app more quickly since you won’t need to wait for a release deployment. 

There are a lot of tricks that can help you get your app to market more quickly.Click To Tweet 5. Use an app development platform. With an app development platform, you can outsource a lot of the labour in designing the app while gaining added assistance after the app has been released. It can also assist with promotional campaigns, allowing your app to experience more market success.
6. Automate simple tasks. Make a list of all simple, mundane tasks that can be automated throughout the process. With every automated task, your team can shave critical minutes off of the app development and get the product to market more quickly. You can also automate notifications that will alert you to problems via email, so you can troubleshoot issues as soon as they arise.


Task automation speeds up development, so you can release your app more quickly.

7. Utilise group chat. Your team needs to stay in tune with one another at all times. Yet, organising daily meetings is time-consuming. MacCormack recommends group chats as a way to connect with other team members as needed without having to leave your desk.

App development can often take a long time, particularly for complex apps that entail numerous features. However, there are many ways you can cut down on time without compromising the quality or success of the app. Automating simple tasks can considerably improve efficiency, while group chat allows you to connect with coworkers from any device. Professional app development platforms can also help to streamline development and get your app to market more quickly. Contact us to learn how our professional app development platform can streamline the creation of your app.

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