8 Do’s and Don’ts When Hiring App Developers

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Aug 23, 2017

If you’re looking for an app developer to produce a stellar business app for your organisation, what do you look for? What qualities are important? Out of all the options, how do you make an informed decision? Here is your guide to scoring a great one.

1. Do Choose a Developer With Intimate Knowledge of Your Business

Great developers know more than just how to code. They understand the businesses they develop for and produce exactly what the users want and need.

It’s a common misconception that developers’ primary skill is knowing the technical side of development. While a developer definitely needs solid coding and tech skills, it’s crucial that they also understand your industry, and how your particular business fits within that industry. What makes you stand apart from competitors? Your app needs to reflect that, so your developer needs to understand it.

2. Don’t Pick a Developer Based on Just Price

The problem with bargain basement prices is getting bargain basement results. The app world is intensely competitive, and it’s important to get a great value, not just a super low price. If you want a better product, begin with a competitively priced developer. The best know who they are, and are able to price their efforts accordingly.

3. Do Select a Developer With Great References and a Solid Portfolio

Who are their other clients? What awesome projects can they show you to prove their skills? Take the time to ask for and review their other apps. Speak to their other clients, or at least read what they had to say about the projects. It does not pay to be a developer’s learning project.

4. Don’t Overlook the Importance of the Relationship

Choosing a developer is much like selecting an insurance agent, realtor, or mechanic. You are going to be working with these individuals for some time, and it’s worth a lot if you get along and see eye to eye. Signing up on a development project with someone you don’t like being around makes it unnecessarily difficult on both of you.

5. Do Look for a Developer That Communicates Regularly During Development

How do you prefer to be updated on progress and queried about decisions? Do you want regular, in-depth phone conversations or a quick once-per-week email appraising you of the situation? Find a developer that will communicate with you the way you want and need them to. For example, an email you can easily distribute to your entire team, whereas if you receive phone calls you have to remember and communicate this information on your own. Look for a developer who will make the process easy.

6. Don’t Forget to Find a Developer With Experience in the Right Platforms

Lots of developers have tons of experience with Apple devices or Android systems or perhaps BlackBerry. However, a good business app needs to be available on all the popular devices. Find a developer that can develop on all the common platforms, and ask them whether they will be responsible for distributing the app to various app stores or whether that job will fall back on you.

7. Do Find a Developer That Has Experience Finding the Right Revenue Streams

How will your app generate revenue? Find a developer that understands the various pricing models and how to apply them to business apps properly. 

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How will your app generate revenue for your business? Is it going to be a paid app or free? If it’s free, will you monetise via in-app advertisements or by offering in-app purchases? Each of these models is right for some apps and wrong for others. Find a developer that can guide you into the perfect model for generating revenue.

8. Don’t Neglect to Ask About Their Testing Process

In your mind, you visualise getting a great, bug-free app that is intuitive, attractive, and packed with features that work like magic. But there’s only one way to achieve that, and it means thorough testing. Ask what testing procedures the developer uses to debug the product, make it useful, and determine its appeal to the consumer. An experienced developer should be able to walk you through their testing process completely so that you fully understand.

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