Creative Ways Construction Workers Benefit from App Development

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Aug 23, 2017

Construction workers use apps to improve the accuracy and efficiency of their work.

When people think of business apps, they usually attribute them to large-name brands or retail businesses. However, app development is stretching across virtually every corner of the business world, with even plumbers and electricians developing apps for their companies. The construction industry is no exception and, in fact, construction workers can gain a lot of value by utilising app development to improve workflow. Here are some of the clever ways construction workers have already begun applying app development to their industry.

Apps to Improve Construction Management

One app, called Construction Manager, is facilitating the exchange of information between the field and the construction headquarters. Used by over half a million people, the app is designed to transfer daily reports, time sheets, project estimates, and maintenance logs directly from the construction site to the construction headquarters. Not only can this greatly increase accountability, but it encourages efficiency, as information can now be transferred digitally at the touch of a button.

Apps to Improve Collaboration

Construction work is one of many industries where collaboration is absolutely essential. All workers need to know the precise plans they’re working with, so team members can work at peak efficiency. With an app called Fieldwire, this process is simplified. It allows workers to access the building plans from any device, whilst also communicating with other employees, both onsite or at the headquarters, to exchange information.

Apps provide construction workers all of the info they need from their mobile device.

Apps to Facilitate Calculations

Mathematics is an everyday part of construction work and carpentry, often entailing the need for complex calculations. This can ‘add’ a lot of time to the workday. However, with the Carpenter’s Calculator app, carpenters and construction workers can quickly calculate all measurements needed for the job to ensure the utmost degree of precision in their work. In addition to Carpenter’s Calculator, there are apps available to calculate drywall needs, electrical work, roofing, and more.

App Developers Are Improving Construction in the Developing World

For all of the difficulties that developed countries experience with construction work, those problems are amplified in the developing world. This is primarily due to the reduced ability for communication, with a lot of rural towns having difficulty connecting and collaborating with nearby cities, manufacturers, and resource suppliers. 

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An app called Construct, based in Brazil, has sought to change this. It allows fieldworkers to communicate instantly with suppliers, project managers, and company headquarters, facilitating information between the field and work partners. This improves the availability of resources, allowing builders to order resources onsite, whilst also enabling workers to quickly communicate issues directly to their project managers. The app also allows workers to issue payment requests, invoices, site plans, photos, and notes directly through the app.

Construction work is a highly particular industry. If construction workers are so much as a centimeter off with their measurements, it can severely disrupt the construction process of the building. Construction requires not only a high degree of accuracy, but the ability for those in the field to be able to communicate information and data efficiently with those stationed at the headquarters. App developers are solving these problems with creative mobile apps that increase communications and ensure precision in calculations. Enhance the workflow of your construction company today by developing an app that will enhance accuracy and communication. Contact us to learn more.

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