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Aug 23, 2017

You may not quite realise how important your mobile presence is to the overall success of your business, but it can play a crucial role in how well a company attracts customers and keeps them coming back time and again.

Alexandra Soroka, an accomplished country manager with GoodBarber, knows quite a bit about empowering businesses to create beautiful, effective apps. Below, she explains why every company needs a mobile reach and more.

Who should be visiting the GoodBarber website and why?

There are two types of profiles who should be visiting the GoodBarber site. The first is individuals who have a project or small business that they need an app for, and either do not have the developing skills to code an app on their own or the financial resources to pay to have one developed.

The second is agencies looking for a profitable way to offer their clients a high-quality mobile solution, but who prefer not to develop an app from scratch for every customer. The solution is a white label platform flexible enough to adapt to the requests of each client, but generic enough to keep costs low and the process speedy and easy.

Do you think every company needs to have a mobile reach?

It goes without saying that if a company is not present on mobile, they are completely missing the channel where clients are the most accessible and receptive. Being mobile allows a business to accompany their customers and prospects at all times, while taking advantage of every opportunity to respond to their needs.

What resources do you offer for developers?

While the product is loved for its accessibility by non-coders, for those who know what they’re doing the platform instantly becomes much more flexible, since the design can be thoroughly customised and features that are not provided by default can be coded. 

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For developers who are actively creating and selling apps to clients as an occupation, the reseller program is an option. This allows them to speed up the process by skipping the initial framework creation steps and jumping right to the customisation aspect. They can give their clients access to the back offices of their apps for review/collaboration purposes – all while remaining branded by their own agency. Some choose to embrace this white label aspect, while others feel there is no shame in being openly backed up by a robust, established tool.

Can you tell us a bit more about the process of creating your own app?

There are just a few simple but key steps, beginning with choosing a theme and navigation mode suitable for your project. After the general design has been chosen, you can start adding your content, including CMS material as well as external sources such as social networks, live streaming accounts, etc., which will then allow you to more precisely design individual sections to your liking. Then the fun extra features can be added, such as user authentication, geofencing options, or private messaging (among other things!). Finally, when the app has been perfected and tested, it can be published in the stores.

After being published, tools to promote, improve, and analyse users are provided.

How important is teamwork in the process of creating an app?

To have an app functioning at its maximum potential, it’s certainly favourable to have several team contributors who are each focusing on a different aspect of the project. Having someone concentrating on creating engaging content is vital for user retention. Having someone to take care of the more technical side of things (setting up new features, refreshing the design, etc.) keeps the app up to date with trends and user expectations. And of course, individuals who are willing to analyse results and put a strategic marketing plan into action will give the project a solid sense of direction, as well as a way to set goals and to measure results.

Is there anything else you’d like our readers to know?

Don’t make an app just to make one; otherwise you will find yourself possibly rejected from the stores with a very small, inactive user base and having just wasted valuable time and money. Instead of focusing solely on how an app can increase your profits, think about the value (monetary or not) that it can bring to your customers and users, and try to be innovative in what kinds of benefits you can provide them with. An app can be deleted in a matter of seconds, so be prepared to work hard to maintain your users’ loyalty and attention.

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