How App Developers Can Get Their Apps Into the App Store

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Aug 23, 2017

As most app developers have learned, the App Store is incredibly picky. Despite having over 1.2 million apps, most app developers find it very difficult to get their app past the App Store walls. To ensure your app makes the cut, you have to know exactly what the App Store is looking for. Here are some tips to improve your app development and increase your chances of designing an App Store app.

To get your app among the App Store ranks, you need to follow all rules.

Tips for Creating an App Store App

To give your app the best chance of making it into the app store, you need to design it with Apple’s expectations in mind. Here are some of the main things that the Apple App Store looks for.

1. Ensure the app continues to work, even if users deny permission. Users must provide permission in order for an app to access other applications or accounts on their device. Sometimes a user may deny permission, in which case Apple requires that the app still function as normal. It’s imperative to ensure the app continues to function, as this will partially determine whether the app is accepted by the App Store.

2. Keep it simple at first. According to app developer, Gen Kiyooka, you need to do what’s necessary to get the app accepted, then you can add onto the app later. Apple is more likely to approve apps that are simply designed and easy to use, so hold off on the complex functions until your second iteration.

3. Memorise the submission guidelines. Apps are often rejected for petty reasons. The Apple App Store has a long list of submission guidelines that they take very seriously. You need to follow the guidelines to a T if you hope to be approved.

Things to Avoid in App Development

There are a lot of ways app developers unknowingly sabotaging their attempts of getting accepted into the app store. Here are some of the main development mistakes to avoid.

1. Avoid beta apps. If your app appears unfinished, it will almost always be rejected by the app store.

2. Ensure rapid load times. How long does your app take to load? Even a few second too long, and you could be limiting your ability to create an App Store app.

Slow apps will frustrate users, resulting in fewer sales.

3. Avoid all trademarked logos. If you’re using logos that aren’t trademarked to you, including trademarked Apple logos, this will definitely result in rejection.

If All Else Fails, Submit to Android

Google Android is far more forgiving when it comes to publishing apps. If you’ve been repeatedly denied by the App Store, consider getting some Android apps accepted first. You can always submit to the App Store later, after you’ve honed in on an effective development strategy. 

As most app developers have learned, the App Store is incredibly picky.Click To Tweet

The App Store is incredibly particular about their apps. Even the slightest grammatical error can cause your app to be rejected entirely. Give yourself an advantage by thoroughly reading and following all of their submission guidelines, ensuring your app has been fully tested and proofread, and that is contains no glitches or loading errors. Use a professional app development platform to give your app an advantage. Contact us to learn more.

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