How App Development Can Fuel Workplace Productivity

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Aug 23, 2017

Apps can fuel the productivity and innovation of your business by enabling you to hire exceptional talent and by providing your employees with the tools they need to optimise efficiency. There are countless real-world examples of businesses utilising apps to boost productivity, encourage collaboration, and create a streamlined management approach that emphasises cohesion. Here are the main ways that apps can be used to streamline the flow of business and build a stronger company.

App Development Can Build a Stronger Workforce

Leave tedious interviewing methods in the past. Apps will make interviewing faster, cheaper, and more effective.

When launching a thriving company, the talent you employ will be the biggest indicator of success. However, compiling a workforce is a challenging task, and it entails ample time and money to assemble an elite team of professionals. It’s estimated that an employee making just $8 per hour can cost as much as $3,500 to hire and train. If that employee later proves to be ineffective in their role, your business inevitably eats the costs. App developers can simplify the hiring process and provide employers with more control and foresight when selecting talent.

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Video interviewing apps allow you to conduct interviews through any device. This minimises the costs associated with interviewing while enabling you to conduct more interviews in less time. There are also assessment apps, which can provide you with a targeted list of questions that are designed to gauge the personality traits and work habits of prospective employees. This allows you to increase the compatibility odds of new hires by ensuring their personality traits, values, and work ethic align with your company’s goals.

Recruiting apps can be used to streamline the application process as well by allowing you to access a database of job candidates that can be organised by strengths and skill sets. This provides you with direct access to the most qualified applicants and reduces the time you’ll spend reviewing applications.

App Development Can Increase Business Efficiency

To stay ahead in the competitive world of business, time management is critical. With business apps that optimise efficiency, your employees can conquer more work throughout the day. A financial and leasing company experienced tremendous success when incorporating apps into their business model. Their initial financing procedures took about 30 days for each new client, consisting of a drawn-out process that involved discussing the financial and leasing needs with each individual client, providing quotes, gathering the signatures of clients, manually approving applications, and countless other tasks. By integrating timesaving apps into their workplace, the company was able to collect signatures, provide quotes, and approve applications, all through a mobile device, thus significantly reducing the time spent meeting with each client. This shortened their month-long ordeal to just two days, enabling them to massively scale their business and generate more revenue.

In the fast-paced world of business, apps can provide the leverage needed to remain ahead of the competition. 

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App Development Can Cut Business Expenses

Adhering to a budget is a top concern among businesses and balancing a budget can be a time-consuming process. App development will allow your business to significantly reduce spending while providing you with money management tools that make budget oversight easy. Video conferencing apps reduce the need for travel expenses while enhancing collaboration and efficiency. With marketing automation apps, you can automate your marketing campaign, interpret data more efficiently, and implement a marketing strategy that generates more leads. Accounting apps will reduce the time spent on accounting by minimising the need for manual data entry, while also making it easier to track your budget and manage all of your business expenses.

There are countless examples of businesses using apps to transform their workplace and create a more efficient, collaborative, and cost-effective business model. Business app development is continuing to grow and evolve, and the ways in which apps can enhance business management are endless. To thrive in the competitive marketplace, utilising timesaving, cost-effective apps is essential, as it provides your business with the tools needed to exceed consumer expectations and scale your business quickly. Contact us to learn about our app development platform that can transform the efficiency of your business model.

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