How Do You Find the Right App Developer for Your Business?

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Aug 23, 2017

Imagine being able to reach out to customers and prospects wherever they are, and whenever you have something important to share. With a mobile app designed for your business, that is a reality. Mobile devices and applications are a huge and thriving part of the business world and can help your company grow in many ways. Luckily, mobile application development companies exist all over the world today, so having an app designed is relatively simple for your part.

What Should You Look for in an App Designer?

How do you separate the professional app developers from all the rest, and more importantly, how do you find the mobile app design creators that are right for your business? While this is certainly challenging, working through these tips will help you find the best app developers for your situation. That perfect fit is vital, because the right partner can also assist you with mobile strategy and app marketing, and this other side of your mobile marketing plan is as important as a great mobile app.

Check Out Portfolios

Look for applications that are similar to what you desire, and apps that look great and function well. Keep your eyes open for great user interfaces, as that will determine how often your app is used and how successful it is.

Keep Budget in Mind

App development is complex coding work, and it is not cheap. However, do not let price be your driving force. You need a great app, and that requires a competent and professional app development company. You likely will not find that by going with the lowest price. In fact, the cheapest option can end up costing more if things don’t work out right. Get an estimated cost from each of the mobile app designers you talk with as a starting point. 

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Narrow the Field and Engage

Once you have narrowed the field to around three to five app development companies, talk with each of them. You undoubtedly will learn much more about mobile app development through this process, and you might even be stunned by how much the very first person knows about iPhone app development and feel ready to sign on the dotted line But press on, and talk with each one, as they will have a unique take on development, and the next might be a huge proponent of Android app development.

Find a Developer You Can Work With

Finding a developer who is interested in you and your business is key. A good app development company should be versatile enough to develop designs for both iOS and Android apps, and be able to guide you through the development process, while also giving you creative input along the way. Good app developers know what works and what does not because they’ve worked with numerous clients.

Even more important is choosing someone who you can build a solid working relationship with. Mobile app development is not a quick process, nor is it a one-time activity. You will want to refine your app based on user feedback, and having a developer who sticks around for the long haul is best.

Ask for References and Check Them

Always check client references, and look especially for developers who are happy to share these with you. Talk with at least two of their clients, and at least one of these should be a customer with a current project in development. The former will tell you how satisfied customers are with the end product, and the latter gives you an idea of how busy the developer is and if they are good at hitting deadlines. Top app developers, and really any with a solid track record, even if it’s limited, will have no problem providing references to a potential customer. Do thorough research before hiring; consider talking to business contacts, check online forums and groups. In fact, do a Google search for mentions of the company and see what you can find out.

Ask About Progress Tracking and Post-Deployment Support

Talk to the developers about their process and what you can do to make it more successful for both of you. If an app developer suggests that they will immediately start coding, run for the hills. A well-planned approach is best, and they should be prepared to give you a detailed project scope ahead of time. This will include deadlines for deliverables and perhaps milestone payments.

Supporting your application developer as needed from start to finish will ensure that your app turns out the way you want it. Again, be sure this is someone who you can work with long-term, as switching developers mid-project can be painful and costly.

Finally, find out how your app developer feels about post-deployment support. One of the best signs of a professional mobile app development company is their ability to provide continuing technical support after the app is hosted and tested. After all, you want someone to call when a bug pops up in your app that makes it unusable. Be sure to ask about their support system, and how they handle updates.

After all of your research and extensive vetting, it will likely come down to deciding who you like and respect. All other things being equal, go with your gut instincts and make a good choice to move your company forward.

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