How to Find the Best App Development Studio for Your Business

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Aug 23, 2017

A mobile app might be the most important digital asset you have, apart from your website. In fact, many businesses are moving from responsive web design to depending on the one-two punch of a solid desktop experience from the website and a powerful mobile experience via the app. There are numerous app developers in London, so how do you go about choosing the right one?

Look for App Developers with an Established Reputation

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There are more than a few app developers in London. How do you separate the wheat from the proverbial chaff? 

Don't be tempted to be someone's training grounds just to get a better deal on an app.Click To Tweet

Don’t be tempted to be someone’s training grounds just to get a better deal on an app developers in London, which is notoriously pricey for everything. Instead of depending on the developer to present you with their client portfolio (they’ll only show you the best ones, anyway), do your own research. Find a developer with a healthy base of satisfied customers.

Look for App Developers That Communicate Well

Some techies are exceptionally gifted in coding, but not all are as good at communicating with other people. Happiness with your finished product begins with good communication with your app developer. Don’t underestimate the value of good rapport. You’ll be working with them for some time. The end product will be operational for a long time. Continual collaboration is the right way to be sure that the end product meets your expectations. It is essential to hire a developer who understands the need to – and how to – collaborate.

Look for App Developers Willing to Get to Know Your Business

Building a great app is more than understanding the technology behind it or the specifics of what you want the app to do. It involves understanding your business and what you need from the mobile app to enhance your business. Your London app developer should take the time to get to know you, your business, and its unique positioning and branding within the market. Only then will they be able to develop an app that ideally meets your needs. That is true whether your app for an internal or external audience.

Download Other Apps They’ve Developed

Developers with an established reputation and extensive client portfolio should have no problem sharing a list of apps that they’ve already developed for other London clients so that you can download and test them yourself. There really is no better advertisement for a developer than their own body of completed apps. Don’t judge the app based on your personal need for such an app. Judge it based on aesthetics, ease of navigation, how intuitive the interface is, how functional it is, and what it does for the client for whom it was designed.

Look for Value, Not Just Price

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While you don’t necessarily want the cheapest of developers, neither must you use the most expensive. Like fine wine and shoes, after a point, you’re just paying for the snobbery, not additional quality.

Since this app will essentially serve as your brand’s face and personality in the mobile world, look for value, not just price. Mobile apps are like cars, business suits, and sushi — you get what you pay for.

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