My Name’s Ariana Ocampo, and ‘This Is My Stuff’

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Dec 17, 2017


My Stuff Ariana UI and UX Designer

1. Holographic backpack

My wardrobe is notoriously all-black, with the exception of a handful of stand-out statement pieces. This particular backpack is from Skinnylove and has been my constant companion for the past month. It’s one of my favourite bags, if only because it takes me one step closer to being the space princess that I always wanted to be.

2. Signature red hat

When I was studying at Berghs School of Communication, I wore this red bowler hat practically every day of the week, to the point where I was known as ‘The Girl with the Red Hat’. In fact, it became such a big part of my personal brand that I even incorporated it into my logo.

3. Polaroid from graduation

This is a Polaroid of me receiving my diploma as a Digital Creative from Berghs. It is one of many that I have from my last day there, all of which have now found a place here at the office, stuck to the side of my second monitor.

4. Book of poetry

I’m a writer, and I especially love buying and reading books with contemporary poetry. The latest in my collection is this gem by Amanda Lovelace which I picked up a couple of months ago.

5. Gryffindor scarf

As shown in my Instagram introduction post, I am both an avid fan of the Harry Potter books and a proud Gryffindor. While I only use my bowl at work, this scarf is how I announce to the world that I belong to the House where dwell the brave at heart.


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