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Simon's stuff CEO mobile app development agency1. GABY:

Gaby is the foundation of everything we do and my right-hand person. She is a fundamental part of the business and ensures that our projects run as smoothly as possible and to an incredibly high standard for all of our clients.


Tyrell has only been with Glance for a short period of time but has already had a dramatic effect on our marketing and social media presence (in fact this 5 things concept is one of his fantastic ideas). He’s not only fantastic with social media but is a great personality in the office too!


Ariana has shown her amazing UX skills and mentoring ability and has had a huge impact on our creative process. She’s introduced a new UX process (with Gaby) which brings much more research and structure to what we do and how we do it.


Boris is a hard-working developer and a true Glance advocate, representing the company incredibly well. He’s produced some amazing work for us and our clients and is our resident Apple aficionado and go-to tech support person.


Anthony sits alongside Boris and works on our Android development. Anthony is both hardworking and sociable and has proven to me time and time again how good Android really is as a platform with the amazing work he does.

I thought it would be a nice twist to end the campaign with my most important people! - from Simon (The C.E.O)Click To Tweet

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