Solving the Top Security Concerns for Mobile App Development

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Security is one of the most critical factors in successful app development. When security issues arise, it puts the sensitive information of consumers at risk, causing potentially devastating effects. There are a variety of security concerns that app developers need to be aware of to ensure they release apps that prioritise the personal data of their customers.

With apps residing in the pockets of millions of people worldwide, a single security threat could have horrific consequences.

Reusing Codes from Other Developers

Developing an app takes time, and the desire for shortcuts is all too enticing. With so many free codes available online, many app developers try to cut corners by using codes that have already been written. However, malicious hackers are known to create codes with the intent of hacking apps and gaining the credit card information of users. By writing your own codes whenever possible, and by reusing codes from highly reputable sources, you can remain free of malicious coding and provide safer apps to the public.

Storing Data Safely

There are countless apps that are used to make payments, and many people have their credit card information uploaded to a variety of apps. Provided data storage is secure, this shouldn’t be an issue. However, insecure data storage provides an open invitation to malicious hackers that compromises the sensitive information of users. Starbucks encountered this very problem. After rolling out an app that allowed customers to pay with their phones, they soon found their data storage was vulnerable.

The app was storing usernames, passwords, and email addresses in clear text. This allowed people to access the username and passwords of others simply by connecting the person’s phone to a computer. Designers can avoid this issue by ensuring no sensitive information is stored directly on a person’s device and all passwords contain encrypted data so they can’t be stolen. 

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With clear text, a stolen phone can rapidly lead to a stolen identity.

Leaked Data

Businesses use the data of customers to gain deeper insights into their sales base, which can inform future business decisions, product development, and marketing. While it is a sound tactic that many businesses utilise, it also runs the risk of the personal data of clients being leaked. When relying on business analytics tools, it’s essential to utilise a trusted service that takes security seriously. Top-brand analytics providers will mine the data safely, ensuring your customer’s personal information is never compromised. Before investing in any analytics platform, be sure to review the security features to ensure that confidentiality and security are primary.

Broken Authentication and Session Management

Broken authentication and session management makes an app particularly vulnerable to hacking. App developers need to spend ample time developing strong authentication and session management protocols that have been fully tested prior to being rolled out to the public. Ensure the authentication and session management controls meet the OWASP Application Security Verification Standard prior to releasing the app.

In app development, security is critical. Once the app is released, it can be downloaded by millions of people across the globe, and even a minor security risk could have crippling consequences. By exercising a bit of forethought and never cutting corners, you can ensure the apps you develop will always be safe for customers. To further safeguard your app development, it’s crucial to utilise a trusted app development studio. Contact us to learn about the ways we prioritise security to ensure all user data is protected.

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