Tips for Marketing Your Android Apps

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Aug 23, 2017

Mobile apps are all the rage these days, particularly on Android phones. Over the past year, the time spent on apps on Androids grew 63 percent, and by 2020, experts believe that mobile app downloads will reach 284 billion annually. For companies that have created a mobile app for Android, some platform-specific marketing tips can help ensure the app gets noticed and used. The ideas below can help companies guarantee that they’re making the smartest Android app marketing decisions possible.

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Submit It to Multiple Stores

The main marketplace for Android apps is Google’s own Play marketplace. However, multiple outlets sell or promote Android apps. Some of the most popular Google Play alternatives include Amazon Appstore for Android, GetJar and SlideME. Submit the app to multiple stores in order to maximise its exposure. Companies don’t want to miss out on any potential place where the app could sell.

Get the App Reviewed on Mobile App Review Sites

Having reviews featured on mobile app review sites is one of the most important and effective ways to get exposure for an app. Companies should submit their apps to Android-focused companies like PC World or BlueStacks that specialise in reviewing Android apps or research services they can pay to test the app, and then write a review. 

Mobile apps are all the rage these days, particularly on Android phones.Click To Tweet

To submit an app, business owners can create a document that contains a link to the app in the app store, a paragraph summarising what the app is all about, a few screenshots from inside the app and instructions on how to download the app for free. Reviewers will evaluate and write about things like the quality of graphics and art, the functionality, and the overall enjoyability.

Use SEO to Boost Visibility of the App in Google Play

The Google Play Store works much like the search engine itself. An app has to be optimised with the right keywords and information in order for users to search and find the app in the store. Search does matter; studies show that 80 percent of high-quality, organic downloads in Google Play come from people who searched. People can do many things to optimise an app’s page, including putting a main keyword in the app’s title, using the keyword at least five times in the app’s description and encouraging good reviews and ratings, since the store’s algorithm takes them into account for rankings.

Take Advantage of Social Media

Companies should make sure that they, or the app they create, has a social media presence. Then, use it to market the app. Marketers should create posts about the app and post them on social media pages regularly. They should be sure to take advantage of multiple networks, including Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. One of the best things about social media marketing is that it’s cost-effective. To reach the right Android audience, marketers should join Android-focused groups, both for developers and fans. They can then ensure they get the word about the app out to people who will be interested in it.

Companies that have created Android-specific apps should consider using Android-specific marketing strategies to increase the success of the app. By marketing an app properly, companies not only increase the number of downloads of the app, but also encourage consumers to engage with the app regularly.

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