Use App Development to Increase Employee Retention

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Aug 23, 2017

Business owners are always concerned about the need to be competitive. If a company hopes to remain in business as the marketplace expands, it needs to be willing to adapt to trends, improve upon products and services, and continue to elevate itself above competitors. One of the most imperative elements of a competitive business model is the employees.

With top-performing talent, you should be able to accomplish more work, innovate better business concepts, make smarter business decisions, and provide a superior customer experience. With the help of mobile app development, you can enhance the workplace experience, which will help you to retain your best employees more easily.

Mobile apps can increase the engagement and retention of employees.

Mobile Apps Make Work Easier

Everybody likes a good challenge from time to time, but if your employees find themselves trudging through dull and repetitive tasks, engaging in needlessly difficult work, or up against impossible feats, the workplace soon loses its appeal and evokes a sense of dread in employees. Your job, in part, as a business owner is to create as productive, pleasant and efficient work environment as possible. Mobile apps can help to streamline the workday, improve business workflow, automate menial tasks, and create a more efficient and enjoyable work experience for employees.

Improve Communication and Collaboration

Companies with high communication standards report, on average, about 47 percent higher returns. Workplace communication is integral to promoting efficiency, carrying workloads, and improving the employee experience. Mobile apps can help to keep employees in the loop, notify them of updates, facilitate feedback, and encourage collaboration. In turn, employees will have the resources they need to excel at their job, which simplifies their lives and creates a rewarding workplace experience.

Mobile Apps Can Support Remote Working

One way to improve employee satisfaction is by offering flexible work schedules. According to a survey conducted with 6,000 business people at Regus, a flexible work schedule can drastically improve the employee experience. In fact, about 79 percent of respondents said they would accept one job offer over another offer simply if the job offered flexible hours. With the help of a business mobile app, employees can work remotely more easily. Business apps can be used to connect to remote workers, share company data, facilitate conference calls, and more, enabling employees to work in a way that fits their life.

With mobile apps, employees have the flexibility to work where they want.

Improve the Hiring Process

Employee retention is largely dependent on the hiring process. If you aren’t scrupulous about new hires, you risk hiring people who aren’t reliable, committed, and passionate about the job. Mobile apps can improve the hiring process by helping to automatically filter out resumes that don’t jive with the company mission. They can also be used to facilitate interviews via video conferencing, so you can interview more applicants in less time. 

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Despite employee retention being imperative to success, only about 50 percent of employers report having a formal plan in place for retaining employees. Mobile app development can significantly improve the workplace experience, enabling businesses to retain their best workers and be more competitive in the marketplace. With the help of Glance’s expert app development platform, your business can develop apps that enhance the collaboration, communication, and work experience of employees. Contact us to learn more.

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