Using Enterprise Mobile Apps to Increase Productivity & Profits

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Aug 23, 2017

Along with the mobile revolution, businesses are seeing new systems of engagement both within the workplace and between themselves and customers. Mobility, social media, big data, and cloud technology all feed these new systems of engagement, and are leading more businesses to a mobile-first strategy when it comes to technology.

Mobile technology untethers workers from their desks and unshackles consumers from their home Wi-Fi connections since they can access information virtually wherever they go. Businesses of all sizes, from the corner newsagent to the global consulting firm are using enterprise mobile apps to enhance both productivity and profitability. Here’s how.

How Enterprise Mobile Apps Can Increase Productivity

Work processes that used to require either performing tasks manually or at least sitting down at a workstation hooked up to the company network can now be accomplished on mobile devices. The field technician doesn’t have to spend the last hour of his workday documenting the supplies he used, because he can enter the appropriate information into the company’s inventory system immediately with each use. The sales rep doesn’t have to wait to return to the office to order product samples for a potential customer, because she can make that order with a couple of taps before ever leaving the customer’s place of business. The number of processes that can be streamlined through apps is limited only by the imagination of those who implement the processes.

Examples of Productivity-Enhancing Apps

Mobile calendars, note-takers, and sharing apps are some of the more popular examples of productivity-enhancing apps, but there are countless others. Apps that feed into a company’s customer relationship management (CRM) system can ensure customer information is kept current in near-real time. Apps that manage inventory can be made to detect trends and make predictions that can prevent supply shortages with minimal input from users. A facilities management app can help the busy facilities manager juggle his many responsibilities gracefully. An appointment scheduling app can keep the busy medical practice or day spa running on schedule with a minimum of fuss. The possibilities are nearly limitless.

How Enterprise Mobile Apps Can Increase Profits

Apps that affect the bottom line may do so by streamlining internal processes, reducing resource use, or making people want to buy products. Increasingly, even small businesses are developing enterprise mobile apps that make it easier for customers to interact with them, and customers are very receptive to these added conveniences. Some apps, like games, are developed specifically as brand-building vehicles, and can generate buzz about a product or company in ways never before seen. A convenient mobile shopping app can affect the bottom line in a very direct way, by making it that much more convenient for customers to order products and services.

Examples of Profit-Enhancing Apps

Volkswagen Group’s Sports Car Challenge 2 lets users virtually race a number of high end super cars. Barclaycard’s virtual waterslide game has been downloaded over 50 million times. DVR schedulers, apps for ordering takeout, and countless shopping apps appeal to consumers and show their makers as innovative and fun. 

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A virtual fitting room can help customers visualise how they will look in a clothing retailer’s products, and a house-hunting app can help build loyalty (and ultimately sales) with real estate agents by making a complex process simpler. A seaside resort can offer a tide table app, while a sushi restaurant could introduce a “create your own roll” app. All these apps engage consumers more closely and in fun or useful ways.


Enterprise mobile apps have nearly unlimited potential for improving a business’s productivity and profits. Back-office processes can be made faster and more convenient, field workers can provide critical data from wherever they’re located, and customers can be engaged in new and innovative ways, building loyalty and brand recognition. Smaller businesses are recognizing the power of apps to make them more agile and responsive to customers, and there is prestige in being the first in a city or in a particular niche to offer a useful, appealing app.

Glance is a leading UK developer of native enterprise mobile apps, whether for back-office functions, customer engagement, or entirely new ways of using mobile. We take the time to learn each client’s vision and purpose for an app, and ensure that every step of the development process serves that vision and purpose. If you are interested in tapping mobility to increase productivity and profits, we invite you to send us an enquiry. We’ll be in touch promptly to help you start putting your ideal app into people’s hands.

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