What’s New in App Development? The Top Development Trends

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To design a great app, you need to look to your customers to see what’s trending.

If you’re considering an app for your business or nonprofit, there is no better time than the present. Consumers are spending over two hours a day on mobile devices, and mobile app usage is hotter than ever. In order to create an app that’s popular with your target audience, you need to remain on top of all relevant trends. Here are the most notable trends currently sweeping the app development marketplace that every app developer needs to keep in mind.

Security Is the Star of the Show

It should come as no surprise that customers want secure apps. In fact, many customers go to great lengths to research the security of an app prior to downloading, due to the major security threats and data breaches that have occurred over the years.

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A recent report shows that about 52 percent of all tested apps have some common security vulnerabilities, whilst an additional 86 percent had authentication issues. Due to these pervasive security vulnerabilities, it’s imperative you choose a trusted development platform that will make app security a top priority.


The Internet of Things (IoT) Is Growing

IoT is a pervasive force. Consumers everywhere are talking about the new trend. IoT can provide tremendous value to an app by enabling people to interact with everyday objects via their mobile devices. There are apps that connect to parking lot sensors to direct people to available parking spaces, apps that connect to thermostats so you can adjust the temperature right from your phone, and apps that connect to lighting, so you can dim or brighten the lights without leaving the couch.

Your mobile device can now function as the remote control for your telly and can function as the remote starter for some new cars. IoT is the next big thing in app development, and it’s predicted to be a dominant force that will shape apps of the future.

IoT is becoming a pervasive force in the app development world.

More Apps Will Be Cloud-Based

Cloud-based apps are becoming more popular by the day. With a cloud-based app, people can access the same app on all devices and have it instantaneously sync their information, so they’re always in the loop. When cloud-based, wearable devices can also sync directly with the app, making the accessibility of information much greater for users.

Enterprise Apps Will Rise in Popularity

When people think of apps, they often think of gaming. In fact, gaming has long been the largest segment of app usage. However, the trends are indicating that enterprise apps will increase in popularity. This trend is largely driven by the financial success businesses have experienced from their mobile apps. When enterprises develop mobile apps, it enables them to connect with their customers more easily, remain visible at all times, and incentivise spending among consumers, thus greatly enhancing their marketing strategy.  

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