Wireframing Apps to Image Editing: 5 Tools for UX/UI Designers

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It is a golden age for UI and UX designers. There is a massive influx of app interface design tools that have been made available in the past few years. Understanding what mobile design software to use and how to use it can make an enormous impact on your productivity and the overall quality of your work.

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To work smarter means to know when and where to augment some of the manual labor of mobile app design with tools that radically reduce the energy input requirements while exponentially increasing the output. The user experience design is directly tied to the user interface, so understanding this relationship and then choosing the right app prototyping tools that enable your teams to work together effectively is pivotal.

To increase workflow efficiencies and make your projects more successful, there are a number of mobile app wireframe tools you should consider using.

Invision improves the mobile wireframe workflow

This is more of a platform than it is a single app mockup tool. With Invision, you have access to an entire suite of UI prototyping tools designed specifically to enhance your product design workflow. You can even create navigation flows and application architecture documentation right inside the app before proceeding to build your iPhone or Android wireframe. For presentations, they also provide storyboarding tools.

Consolidate what you need for app interface design with Cacoo

Similar to the platform approach of Invision, Cacoo is a suite of UI mockup tools that are designed so that you have everything you need in one place. With Cacoo, you can manage your mobile app design projects with Gantt chart and flowchart tools within your suite. Then, each responsible individual can utilise the network diagram and wireframe app mockup tools for delivery. Even the business team is empowered within Cacoo thanks to its presentation tools.

UXPin emphasises collaboration during mobile app prototyping

Many phone app mockup tools come with built-in resources, but the components available with UXPin create a collaborative synergy worthy of noting. From their interactive, stateful elements that help remove project redundancy to their unique code components that empower you to take your presentation to higher levels with programmed interactivity. If you want to create an MVP within your presentation for a more significant impact, then UXPin is an app mockup tool worth looking into. 

No coding? No problem: Axure RP lets you create a mobile app UI with drag-and-drop 

If coding is not your thing, then Axure RP is a phenomenal alternative. You can quickly build your mobile app mockup with Axure’s unique connector mode, where you connect element interactivity with simple drag and drop functions. You can enhance the interactivity with their adaptive views and conditional logic options. They also offer a vast library of animation effects that can spice up your presentations.

To work smarter means to know when and where to augment some of the manual labor of mobile app design with tools that radically reduce the energy input requirements while exponentially increasing the output.Click To Tweet


Sketch helps you focus on the design aspect of a mobile wireframe

If you want a simple yet powerful interface that is built to help you focus on mobile app UI design, then Sketch is a great option. Each element on the board is responsible and can easily be resized or replaced. Mobile app prototyping becomes an incredibly efficient and fast process with their minimalistic interface that still offers all the control you need to build any mobile app UI you can imagine.

App prototyping tools can supercharge your ability to produce a minimum viable product (MVP) in record times. Using the right mobile design software makes all the difference. Understanding the premium UI mockup tools on the market can also help you choose an enterprise app developer whose services you can employ. Are there any UI mockup tools you use that weren’t on this list? 

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