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The apps we build for our clients have had more top 10 hits, organic magazine features, organic press coverage, industry recognition, awards and features by Apple than most of our competitors combined.

Sample Work


We created a number of apps for in-store promotional campaigns across the UK, France and South America. Focusing on various aspects of the CHANEL experience, this particular iPad app enables shoppers to create personalised gift baskets during the holiday season.

In-store Kiosks
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Design of a London mobile app development application CHANEL iPad fashion
Design of a London mobile app development application Canon photography
Sample Work

Canon iPad App

The Canon UST is a sales and training tool for Canon representatives in various retail stores. The product presents a 360° view of various products with individual feature call-outs for people to explore. Every feature of the Canon product can be demonstrated and tested; features such as zoom lenses or night modes on cameras.

In-Store Demos
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Sample Work

goEvo iPhone App

Join the No Diet revolution with goEvo. Change the way you think and feel about food and your body. Never diet again. goEvo uses therapy to help you to manage your emotional eating and cravings, create a healthy relationship with food, boost your motivation and confidence, build up your self-esteem and feel fantastic.

Key Modules
Key Topics
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Design of a London mobile app development application goEvo


  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • Apple Watch
  • Apple TV


  • Android Phone
  • Android Tablet
  • Android Wear
  • Android TV


  • Web Services


  • Web Applications
  • Responsive Websites
  • Management CMS

Other Platforms

  • Virtual Reality
  • Augmented Reality

Our services cover your entire mobile strategy.

We don’t just build apps. We support your entire mobile strategy with mobile apps, wearable technology and all the supporting back-end infrastructure to make your idea a success.

With a strong history of enterprise-level projects we have the experience to build you a scalable, robust and high performance mobile product.

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A lesson in simplicity.

iDrated has been recognised by Apple as one of the top apps of 2013, and was also number 1 in the whole UK App Store (not just Health and Fitness). We have a large userbase of around 300k users who use iDrated every day to ensure their hydration levels are met, to feel better and to have more energy.

We get regular feedback from our users saying how great they now feel after trying iDrated for 7 days, despite initially believing it wouldn’t make any difference. A very large percentage of our user base also say it made them realise how little they do actually drink and that iDrated ensures they stay healthy and hydrated.

Our apps make a real difference

We received a lovely letter from a mother with a young teenager with Autism who struggles to drink properly and who found that iDrated, with it’s tactile nature, actually made her child want to drink and use the app. She said it literally changed the way she dealt with her child making something that was a complete chore into something he could take ownership of.

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The best technologies.

We choose the best technology for each product we work on as we believe that a one-size-fits-all approach just doesn’t work. Here you can see of the technologies we use but this is only a small number of the platforms and technologies that we’re capable of delivering for our clients.

Apple iOS

  • Swift
  • Objective-C

Google Android

  • Java
  • Kotlin

Web / Back-end

  • Java
  • PHP
  • Laravel
  • RESTful Webservices
  • WordPress
  • HTML5
Sample Work

The Times iPad App

Keep up to date with global headlines as well as trusted analysis from our award-winning columnists, critics and regional correspondents. Discover stunning picture galleries, arts and lifestyle articles, interactive crossword puzzles and exclusive video from Britain and around the world.

Per Issue
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Design of a London mobile app development application The Times newspaper
Design of a London mobile app development Inkvite
Sample Work

Inkvite iPhone App

Become part of the best writing community on the Appstore. Share your stories, collaborate with others and find new friendships through fiction, all on Inkvite. Read all your favourite topics from Horror to FanFiction and Romance to Sci-Fi by amazing, talented Inkvite writers.

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Sample Work

Busuu iPad App

The Learn English with Busuu iPad app was a groundbreaking approach to English language learning for kids. Employing Busuu's own 5-step process the app was a huge hit with kids and parents alike. The visual storytelling within the app garnered widespread praise in the industry.

Learning Steps
Unique Stories
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Design of a London mobile app development game Busuu

Plus lots more apps for these amazing startups and household brands...

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