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Netflix is the leading Internet-based television network worldwide, with over 69 million members watching over 100 million hours of TV per day. With all of those customers relying on Netflix to provide a steady video stream, the recent outage that Netflix experienced could have had a devastating effect. Fortunately, Netflix relies on a cloud-based platform that allowed them to get their site up and running quickly, so their customers remained relatively unaffected by the outage.

The Netflix outage could have impacted millions of users, but their disaster recovery plan spared them the hassle.

How Did the Outage Happen?

The outage affected far more than just Netflix, with the entire Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform experiencing complications. The AWS platform is used by countless firms to manage their online businesses, and its failure resulted in over 20 different services experiencing intermittent problems. The problems initially became apparent around 3am PDT on September 2nd, when users started receiving error messages as they attempted to access websites.

AWS found the source of the problem, which they say was caused by “failure of an internal sub-service that manages table and partition information.” Fortunately, the problem was solved in a timely manner. Netflix was particularly prepared for the outage, experiencing fewer problems than any other company thanks to their excellent disaster recovery plan.

How Did Netflix Respond?

While many companies were affected by the outage, Netflix incurred the least of the damages. Netflix has adopted a cloud-based platform, ensuring all of their data and applications are backed up to the cloud. This allows for rapid recovery in the event of any disaster. In fact, despite their vast consumer base, Netflix reports that their business was scarcely impacted by the outage. 

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They experienced no apparent increase in customer service related calls, nor were customers unable to access their site and stream videos. While streaming was said to be a bit slower during the time of the outage, the site as a whole continued to operate as normal. They attribute their success to their cloud-based platform, which allowed them to instantly reinstate services to customers while they worked out the kinks in their AWS platform.

With a cloud-based platform, their entire business was backed up online, allowing the seamless recovery of services.

What Can Be Learned By App Developers?

Disaster can strike technology at any time, and app developers are at high risk of bugs and technical difficulties. However, the experience of Netflix makes it apparent that the cloud is an incredibly useful tool in mitigating disasters and restoring data. By having all apps saved to the cloud, the services can be quickly restored and operate as normal, no matter the disaster at hand. This provides developers with ample time to solve any internal errors, without inconveniencing their customers in the process. Customers expect secure and reliable service, and the cloud offers app developers with an easy way to ensure technical difficulties never interfere with the functionality and efficiency of their apps.

For app developers to build a strong rapport with clients and create a positive public reputation, providing a secure and reliable app is imperative. People rely on apps to facilitate business transactions, save time, conduct their shopping, hail cabs, and simplify virtually every other aspect of their lives. When an app fails to perform as normal, it results in tremendous inconvenience for the innumerable users that rely on it.

The cloud provides an indispensible service to app developers (and users), allowing them to back up all of their apps in the event of disaster. When disaster does strike service can be resumed even as problems within the primary network are being explored and remedied. For an advanced app development studio that will simplify your app creation, contact us today.

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Simon Lee

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