10 Best Tech Gadgets for Back to School

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Aug 23, 2017

School is back in session across the country, and one way to bridge the summertime learning gap is to get equipped with the latest tech gadgets. Gone are the days of pencil boxes and erasers. To keep up, students need to incorporate technology into their day-to-day learning. From pens that take notes for you to the latest laptops, here are the top 10 gadgets for a successful start at school this fall.

1. Livescribe Pulse Smart Pen

We weren’t kidding about the pen. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the lecture as this smart pen with a built-in recorder saves everything. Go back and listen to the lecture anytime, and glean notes at your own pace.

2. Amazon Kindle DX

Are heavy books weighing you down? Leave the heavy-lifting for the gym and get a lightweight Kindle DX from Amazon. This handy device stores everything from your favorite pleasure-reading to textbooks, magazines and more.

3. MacBook Pro 2015

This version of MacBook Pro has a long battery life and ample storage for assignments, music, photos and more. We’re still waiting to hear when the MacBook Pro 2016 will be out.

4. Kensington ComboSaver Notebook Lock

Use a combination lock to keep your notebook or laptop safe anywhere. From the dorm to the locker-room to a quick trip to the bathroom at the library, no one can access your top-secret stuff without the combination.

5. Logitech N100 Cooling Pad

Cool your overworked laptop or notebook with this must-have cooling pad. Perfect for late night studying or writing essay after essay, this cooling pad is sleek and blends well with dorm decor.

6. Brita Ultramax Water Dispenser

If you’re a college student living on campus, don’t take a chance with the tap water, and don’t waste money on bottled water. Filter your water with this latest version of the Brita Ultramax water dispenser to have clean, cold hydrating water at your fingertips. It’s so good for your brain.

7. iPhone 7

It’s here! The iPhone 7 is available for purchase beginning September 9. What’s new about this version? First of all, if you accidentally jump into the pool with it in your pocket, or it falls into the toilet — come on, we’ve all done it — you won’t have to worry because it’s waterproof. 

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Another unique feature is that Apple decided to get rid of the headphone jack. Instead, everything is done with the charging port. The iPhone 7 also boasts a better camera.

8. Apple iPad Mini 4

Thin and powerful, the Mini 4 is a lightweight, extremely portable iPad that keeps your social life as busy as your school life. You have the internet at your disposable to help study, research or find out what everybody is doing over the weekend.

9. Symphony 1 Headphones

Whether you live at home or have roommates, these headphones let you enjoy all your favorite music or audio books without interfering with other people’s studying or TV-watching. They also cancel out everybody else’s noise, which makes studying so much easier.

10. Seagate FreeAgent Go

Backing up your work is essential, just in case there is an accident like a spilled drink or a fried battery. Don’t lose a thing by regularly backing up your schoolwork, photos and everything else that’s sacred.




Dorm room @ NEU by Jeff Dlouhy is licensed under Attribution License

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