The Future of Artificial Intelligence and Its Role in App Development

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Dec 29, 2022

Artificial intelligence is becoming an everyday reality. It introduces a world of possibilities that seemed only in the realm of science fiction mere decades ago. From speech recognition to calculations far too complex for humans alone – AI technology is powering an ever-growing range of apps and services. These capabilities will undoubtedly become more sophisticated as time progresses, unlocking amazing new opportunities!

Google Will Pave the Way

Google stands out from the tech crowd with their continuous innovation and ingenuity. They’ve made a huge splash in voice recognition technology, allowing users to experience an entirely hands-free search engine landscape. Their algorithm recognizes keywords so that searching through speech is more accurate than ever before – making us even closer to achieving total accessibility! With future developments on its horizon, Google shows no sign of slowing down any time soon.

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Powered by AI, Google RankBrain is revolutionizing how search queries are understood. By taking into account the user intent behind a query and displaying accurate results, it ensures that searches lead to relevant and helpful information. Instead of showing all websites with ‘stuffed’ content related to the term searched for, RankBrain interprets what you’re looking for – giving only meaningful results in response!

Improve Medical Care

Technology has long played a vital role in the advancement of medical care. AI has the potential to greatly expedite this process and guarantee a higher level of precision, which is particularly essential in the medical field. The Walter Reed National Military Medical Center has already begun implementing AI technology to its benefit by using it to construct drawings of decision support tools for surgical care. AI will be able to assist with operations, guiding surgeons through the surgery. This will result in improved success rates, ensuring a higher degree of accuracy. All of this whilst also assisting surgeons in finding the precise tools appropriate for each operation.

As robots enter healthcare, medical care will be more precise than ever.

Photo Organisation

Though it may seem one of the more trivial applications, it can save photographers a lot of time. Facebook has already implemented a degree of AI technology in their photos, enabling facial recognition to automatically identify people in photos based on previous photos of the individual.

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Gemini is a newer app that expands on that idea. It can scan an entire photo library, automatically identify similarities between the photos, and group them. All of this is without human intervention. It also can apply scores to each photo based on lighting and overall picture quality. This is a massive help for professional photographers to continually improve upon their art.

AI is already here, with a plethora of apps designed to simplify everyday tasks and save people time. Technology is rapidly advancing and will soon play a significant role in how apps are developed. We are seeing more and more apps containing voice recognition features and other AI technologies. You must start with a sophisticated app development platform to build a sophisticated app.

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