5 Exciting New Wearable Technologies

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Aug 23, 2017

Technology is everywhere these days — from the laptop computers you use for work to the smart refrigerator that keeps track of what groceries you need to buy. Today, technology has even been incorporated into fashion, which means that people can wear devices that makes their lives both easier and more entertaining. The below wearable technologies are some of the most exciting on the market. These devices help wearers navigate the difficulties of daily life — and many make a fashion statement, as well.

Ringly’s Smart Ring

Smart jewelry company Ringly has created and released a smart ring, which connects to an app downloaded on your smartphone. A little bit Inspector Gadget and a little bit fashion plate, the Ringly smart ring has Bluetooth technology, and it gives you customized notifications via subtle vibrations and lights on your jewelry. Ringly allows you to customize your ring so you only get notifications about the things that are most important to you. One of the coolest features of Ringly is that it’s paired with Mastercard, so you can use it to make payments without ever getting out your wallet.

Leaf Wearables

Sometimes wearable tech is for fashion — and sometimes it’s for safety. Indian company Leaf Wearables invented smart necklaces, which can inform friends and family about your GPS location, even if you don’t have a reliable internet connection. Leaf Wearables’ necklaces send emergency alerts in the case of an urgent situation if pressed twice — and when pressed once, can simply and conveniently tell people where you’re located.

Nuzzle Smart Collar

Wearable technology is not just for humans. Today, dogs can wear tech devices too, and one of the best is Nuzzle, a smart dog and cat collar. Nuzzle has GPS-tracking technology, so you can see where your furry friend is if he gets lost. The collar also offers cool features like temperature monitoring, geofencing, LED lights, an activity monitor and impact detection to see what your pet is up to when you’re apart from him.

Sensoria Smart Bra

Sometimes, wearing a fitness monitor on your wrist or around your neck while you exercise can be bulky and annoying. Instead, enjoy seamless, simple fitness tracking with the Sensoria Smart Bra — a smart sports bra that tracks your heart rate while you wear it. The Sensoria Smart bra connects to an app and measures your heart rate while you work out; it is also built with smart sweat-wicking technology to ensure you stay dry and comfortable while you move. Sensoria has also created smart socks that can measure your heart rate while you work out via your ankles.

Sony Experia Ear

With the Sony Xperia Ear, your day to day life can be easier than ever. The Xperia Ear is a small, smart earpiece you wear in your ear, and it listens and reacts to commands it is given. Users can ask the Xperia Ear questions they would ask a personal assistant — about appointments, dates, times, directions and more. The Experia Ear is sleek and small so it can be worn in professional and recreational settings, and it functions via Bluetooth — so you don’t have to have a device in hand when using it. 

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Technology is more advanced than ever today, and designers are even incorporating it into apparel to make life both better looking — and more convenient than ever before. Investing in wearable technology has multiple benefits — and soon what you wear may ultimately replace the devices you’re used to carrying around in your pockets.






Ringly by Becky Stern is licensed under Attribution-ShareAlike License

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