How Mobile Medical Apps Are Transforming Healthcare

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Aug 23, 2017

Mobile medical apps can help patients manage a range of conditions.

Technology and healthcare have always been closely connected, so it comes as little surprise that the medical industry is leveraging app development. Apps are being utilised by both patients and clinicians, as well as the general public. They are providing tools to remain on top of medical conditions and improve the health of people. Here are a few of the ways that mobile medical apps are transforming the face of healthcare.

Simplifying the Search

Searching for a doctor can be tiresome. You need a doctor that specialises in your condition, that’s nearby your locale, that accepts your insurance, and that receives high ratings. Fortunately, apps are helping to ease the struggle of finding the right doctor. An app called Pager lets people search for doctors that are able to provide house calls at any time. ZocDoc allows users to search for doctors in their area and read reviews from previous patients, whilst booking their appointments online.

Apps Are Improving Diabetes Management

Diabetes impacts the lives of 371 million people worldwide, 187 million of whom aren’t even diagnosed. For those living with diabetes, there are a variety of apps that can help to manage and track glucose levels. Diabetes in Check is an app that enables those with Type 2 diabetes to manage their condition. It offers glucose and medication trackers, diet coaching, food tracking, and recipe ideas to help people stay on top of their health. 

UpToDate is an app used by doctors that can provide on-the-go medical knowledge for a range of conditionsClick To Tweet

The MySugr Junior App is geared toward children with diabetes. The app mimics a game to make it easy, engaging, and fun for children to manage their diabetes effectively. It incentivises usage by awarding points to children every time they use the app, encouraging children to achieve a set amount of points each day.

Doctor’s Appointments On the Go

MDLive is an app that provides people with 24/7 doctor support, all from the convenience of their mobile device. Users can talk to doctors online and ask questions or express concerns. This could be highly useful for situations where an individual needs medical advice but is unable to immediately access a doctor’s office or hospital.

Improving the Workplace for Doctors

There are countless apps available for patients, but what about doctors and nurses? UpToDate is an app used by doctors that can provide on-the-go medical knowledge for a range of conditions, enabling doctors to have an entire encyclopedia of health in their pocket. Epocrates is another great app for doctors, offering a vast wealth of knowledge regarding drugs, so they can access the information they need more quickly. It can also calculate the appropriate dosages for patients based on the patient’s individual metrics like weight and height.

Both patients and clinicians are benefiting tremendously from medical apps. Medical apps make it easier to find doctors, manage conditions, and access information about drugs and medical care. For healthcare workers, offering a convenient app to your patients can provide a phenomenal way for them to remain up to date with their health and to book appointments more easily. With the help of Glance’s top app developers, you can get your healthcare app designed and developed quickly. Contact us to learn more.

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