7 Reasons Your Mobile App Development Is Struggling

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Aug 23, 2017

App development is a complicated process in and of itself, but there are a lot of ways app developers are making the process more complex than it needs to be.With a few simple tips, you can streamline app development, making it easier and more efficient than before.

With a few simple tips, you can help streamline app development, making it much easier. Click To Tweet

By avoiding these mistakes, your apps will perform better in the marketplace.

1. You’re forgetting about your brand. Branding is perhaps the most critical aspect of marketing your app, and you need to ensure branding remains central to the entire app development process. The way you present yourself, the way you approach customer service, and the way you operate as a business, all reflect back on your brand. Strive for consistency throughout your business model, so customers can begin to form associations between your brand and your public image.
2. You’re not factoring in taxes and overhead costs. While developing an app, you also need to be managing your budget. For independent app developers, you’ll likely be subject to self-employment taxes, meaning you’ll need to pay estimated taxes quarterly. Be sure all overhead costs and tax expenses are factored into your budget allocation, so you can stretch your funds throughout the entire development process.
3. You’re not automating your simple tasks. While most of the work of developers requires manual execution, there are some mundane tasks that you can automate. By automating simple tasks, you can improve the efficiency of your app development and get the app to market faster.
4. You’re overcommitting. It may feel tempting to overcommit to your customers. After all, they serve as your income base, and you want to please them at whatever cost. However, by overcommitting and offering customers more than you can comfortably deliver, you’re setting yourself up for failure. Incrementally expand upon your visions and goals, rather than committing to too much at once.
5. You’re thinking of your apps as products instead of services. When developing each app, you should be viewing it through the mind frame of consumers. What service does this app provide? How will it simplify daily living or common tasks? By thinking of your apps as a service rather than a product, you can develop more functional apps for customers.

By avoiding these mistakes, your apps will perform better in the marketplace.Click To Tweet

Consider the value your app provides customers, so you can improve functionality.

6. You’re failing to align custom codes with your code generator. For app developers that rely on code generators for app development, you’ll sometimes have to create custom codes as well. However, you need to ensure all custom coding adheres to the parameters of your code generator, so you can alter the code later if needed.
7. Your documentation is lacking. Documentation continues to be one of the most poorly executed and inefficient aspects of app development. With poor documentation, you’ll have difficulty maintaining the app later on. Since app development companies report spending about 50 percent of their time on maintenance, having a meticulous documentation system in place can greatly improve the efficiency of the development process.

App development is a complex process, but there are ways to simplify the procedure and get apps to market more quickly. With a professional app development platform, your business can greatly expedite the development process, while accessing additional tools to aid in marketing. Contact us to learn about our professional app development platform today.

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