Academy Awards Apps That Enhance How You Watch

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Feb 18, 2019

On February 24, movie fans around the world will tune in to catch the 91st Academy Awards. This year’s show promises to be an exciting event for film buffs thanks to the relative variety of the nominees.

The event becomes even more enjoyable to watch with the right Academy Awards apps. If you’re planning on watching the show, consider downloading the following products to your device beforehand. These can enhance the experience, and perhaps even inspire you to make movies of your own

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The ABC App Lets You Stream the Oscars

ABC Movie and Entertainment Mobile App Development

With fewer and fewer people choosing to purchase cable these days, it may be necessary for some fans to stream the Oscars. Luckily, ABC (which will broadcast the event) offers what is essentially a “watch the Oscars app” by letting users stream it via their mobile phones or computers. This is an ideal solution for someone who doesn’t have cable or simply won’t have access to a TV the day of the Academy Awards.

ABC Movie and Entertainment Mobile App Development Screenshots

IMDb is a Must-Have App to Watch the Oscars And Know What’s Going On

IMDB Movie Review Mobile App Development

IMDb (or, the Internet Movie Database) is a popular online resource providing users with essential information about everything from major Hollywood blockbusters to small independent films. That’s why downloading the app version before the Oscars is a good idea. If you have a sudden question or would like to learn more about one of the nominees during the event, you can easily find information through this Academy Awards app.

IMDB Movie App Development Screenshots

Stream the Oscars Pre-Show with E! News

E News! Mobile Entertainment App

It’s worth noting that for many, the Academy Awards start before any actual Oscars are given out. The red carpet pre-show is just as entertaining as the actual event itself for some viewers. If you’re interested in learning all the relevant celebrity news about the attendees while watching them make their way towards the theatre, the E! News app will provide it. 

E News! Mobile Entertainment App Screenshots


With fewer and fewer people choosing to purchase cable these days, it may be necessary for some fans to stream the Oscars. Click To Tweet


FiLMiC Pro App Lets You Do More After You Watch the Oscars

FiLMiC Pro Editing and Filming Mobile App

Plenty of film fans get inspired to try their own hand at directing after watching shows like the Oscars. Thankfully, it’s no longer necessary to rent expensive filmmaking equipment in order to do so. The Filmic Pro app is so effective at enhancing the quality of video recorded on a smartphone that professional directors have used it to make entire movies with nothing more than iPhones.

FiLMiC Pro Editing and Filming Mobile App Screenshots

Keep up with Academy Award Nominees with Fandango Movies’ App

Fandango Movie App Development

It’s always more enjoyable to watch the Oscars when you’re familiar with the nominees. If you’ve missed a few this year, but want to check them out before the event, the Fandango Movies app for the Academy Awards will make purchasing tickets easier than ever.

Fandango Movie App Development Screenshot

Watching the Academy Awards has long been a fun experience for movie buffs. That said, mobile app development has made the experience even more dynamic. Whether you want to simply catch up on red carpet celeb gossip or go out and make your own movies after watching the awards, these Academy Awards apps will help.

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