If You Make Music, You Need These Apps Before the Grammy Awards

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On February 10, millions of music fans will once again be tuning in to catch the annual Grammy Awards. Plenty of those fans will be musicians themselves. Watching others achieve their dreams can be an inspiration to pursue your own. 

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Luckily, apps have also made it easier than ever to bring those dreams to life. If you create music, the following are the must-have apps for musicians.

GarageBand App Provides Everything Needed for Making Music

Garageband iTunes Music App Logo

GarageBand is so popular that many people easily forget how powerful it is, too. However, major stars such as Grimes have already recorded full albums with the music making app.

Although Grimes also admits the features are relatively basic and has since used different programs to record her albums, it’s clear GarageBand is still among the best apps for performing musicians that range from amateurs to budding stars. The program is especially helpful in helping these musicians learn the essentials of recording with synthesized instruments.

Garageband iTunes Music App Screenshots

Caustic 3 is a Must-Have App for Musicians Going Mobile

Caustic 3 Mobile Music Making App Logo

Mobile GarageBand isn’t available on Android devices. However, there are plenty of similar apps for making music from which to choose that are on the Android platform. Caustic 3 is a popular option thanks not only to its wide range of features, but also its interface. This music artist app was designed to match the appearance of old-school analog equipment.

Caustic 3 Mobile Music Making App Screenshots

Get Inspired with the Spotify App for Making and Finding Music

Spotify Mobile Music Streaming App Logo

Getting an album on Spotify definitely helps artists get noticed these days. That said, Spotify is also among the best apps for making music because it can provide you with inspiration. Thanks to such features as a weekly recommended playlist, it’s like having a hip music fan friend around whenever you need help finding a new artist you’ll enjoy.

Spotify Mobile Music Streaming App Screenshots

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Ultimate Guitar is Among the Best Apps for Performing Musicians Improving Their Skills

Ultimate Guitar Chords Mobile Music App Logo

For those interested in making music with apps, learning to play any song on guitar is simple with the Ultimate Guitar app. This mobile software brings what is arguably the internet’s largest database of free tabs and chords straight to users’ devices, making it one of the must-have apps for musicians. The app also features a metronome and guitar tuner, so users can start practising new tunes as soon as they look them up.

Ultimate Guitar Chords Mobile Music App Screenshots

Make Music Based in Theory With the Tenuto App

Tenuto Mobile Music App Logo

You don’t need to go back to school to learn the fundamentals of music theory. Tenuto is an app for budding musicians featuring customisable exercises designed to help users understand chords, melodies, keys, and various other technical elements of music.

Tenuto Mobile Music App Screenshots

Use dJay Pro 2 an App for Mixing and Making Music

Djay Pro 2 Mobile App Development Music Making Logo

Even if you’re a relatively skilled DJ, you won’t impress many people if you’re always mixing together the same handful of songs. That’s not a problem with dJay Pro 2, which integrates with users’ Spotify premium accounts, allowing them to mix literally millions of tracks.

The app for making music mixes also boasts an AI that can mix together songs on its own. This provides users with inspiration, as well as enhances the quality of the beats they’re creating.

Djay Pro 2 Mobile App Development Music Making Screenshots

Again, apps such as these unleash a musician’s creativity. Now you can record an album in your own home, become a major star, and attend next year’s Grammy Awards! Whether you’re a singer-songwriter or the next big hip-hop sensation, all you need is a dream, talent, dedication, and these must-have apps for musicians. And if you have an app idea, Talk To Us today! 

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