App Developers Take on Global Poverty

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Aug 23, 2017

App developers have always been ambitious. With their aims to simplify life, save people money, and improve the flow of business, they’ve made countless contributions to society. Now app developers have a more benevolent undertaking – tackling global poverty. There are a variety of apps dedicated to alleviating world hunger and poverty, making it more convenient than ever for people to connect with global causes and make a difference in the world around them.

With the spread of knowledge, apps can enhance food production and reduce hunger.

Apps Encourage Global Food Production

Global hunger is one of the greatest issues facing today’s world. According to the United Nations World Food Program, about 795 million people, or one-ninth of the global population, experience food insecurity. Agriculture provides the means for food accessibility, and developing countries rely on fertile soils and adept farming knowledge to improve upon their agricultural practices and cater to the hungry masses. Unfortunately, much of the recent agricultural advancements haven’t yet reached developing countries, and without access to that knowledge, rural farmers have little control over the pests and diseases that ravage their fields. 

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Now, thanks to app developers, all they need is a cellphone, and they’ll have a wealth of agricultural knowledge available to them. The Grameen Foundation created an app called Community Knowledge Worker that connects nearly 176,000 rural farmers in Uganda with 1,100 expert advisors. When the farmers encounter a problem with their crop production, they can simply pull up the app and consult the expert guidance of advisors. The app also provides up-to-date weather predictions, so rural farmers can have more control in planning, planting, watering, and harvesting their crops. In arid countries, predicting rainfall is essential, as it can inform watering schedules and aid in water conservation.

Apps Connect People with Causes

Apps connect people to causes, making it easier than ever to get involved.

There are a number of apps that educate people about the greatest humanitarian issues globally, while connecting them with causes they can contribute to. Some of the top charitable apps include:

Give Work: Basically a charitable version of Amazon Mechanical Turk, Give Work pairs users with a refugee in the developing world. Every time a user completes an online task, a task is assigned to the refugee they’re partnered with. Once the refugee completes the task, they receive payment for both tasks.
Make Poverty History: If you’ve ever seen the breast cancer awareness bracelets, these are a similar concept but in a digital format. For 79p, you can download a white band to your phone that’s labeled “Make Poverty History.” All of the money goes towards fighting poverty.
Donation Connect: Donation Connect is an extensive database of charities that allows users to easily find and donate to the causes that matter to them.

App developers are finding unique ways to connect people with global causes, simplify fundraising and donating, and enhance sustainable food production. With apps like Give Work, you can provide employment opportunities to refugees in the developing world, all while standing in line at the grocery store. Apps have revolutionised the ways people interact with their surroundings, but the ability to tackle poverty is perhaps the most inspiring aim yet. These innovative app developers rely on leading app studios to ensure the development and deployment of their app is seamless. Contact us to learn more.

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