3 Entirely New Approaches for App Developers to Try Out

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Aug 23, 2017

Do you fear that your development efforts are falling flat? Are you searching for new ways to be innovative and deliver great apps that people are clamouring for? The idea of apps isn’t new and exciting anymore. People aren’t wowed by the ability to buy movie tickets via their smartphones or check the weather across the world on their tablets. Now they need real features and functionality that they can’t get anywhere else. Take your app development efforts to the next level with these techniques.

1. Make it Easier for Users to Work Across Devices

Can your users move seamlessly between their mobile phones and tablets or laptops? This is an incredibly powerful (and attractive) feature.

Your user opens your app on his smartphone and begins working on something. In a bit, he decides it would be much more comfortable to kick back with his tablet, but this requires him opening up your app on the other device and starting all over from the beginning. It doesn’t have to be this way, and a few app developers are putting out web-based apps that follow a user from one device to another seamlessly. This feature is especially helpful in the workplace, but is also nifty for cooking apps, children’s apps, art apps, and a host of others.

2. Rethink Your Apps for Smaller Devices Like the Smart Watch

After years of developing for progressively larger screens for Android and Apple devices, the smart watch means going back to app development for tiny interfaces.

When users transitioned from desktop computers to mobile devices, screens got progressively smaller and smaller. Then the trend reversed, as more feature-packed apps hit the market and users needed larger screens to display more information and make touch-screens easier to operate. Now comes the smart watch. Developers need to be ready for the coming influx of more smaller screens. How will your app work on the tiny interface? What features will work well, and which will need to be eliminated or rethought? Before the smart watch becomes mainstream, you need a development plan to accommodate it.

3. Find New Uses for the Old QR Codes

Virtually any modern cash register is capable of printing a QR code, but until now QR codes have mainly been used as an advertising gimmick. Recently, even that has fallen out of vogue. Now it’s time to find a more useful purpose for the old QR code. Depending on the type of business you are in, you could use it to deliver details of a transaction to the user or allow them to make a payment for a product or service. There are many uses outside standard marketing for QR codes if you can find the right way to put it into play in your next mobile app.

Easy Tips & Tricks for Excellent App Development

What makes a great app in this new generation of mobile? What separates the so-so apps from the ones users adore? 

Developers need to be ready for the coming influx of more smaller screens.Click To Tweet

• What is the primary purpose users have for your app? Design the entire app around this functionality, and keep the neat-o bells and whistles secondary. If your users need information, make sure they don’t have to click through a series of unnecessary screens to get to it.
• Make it easy. The harder users have to work to get what they want, the less likely they are to use your app. Have you configured the buttons so they are easy to access without hitting the wrong thing? Is it too easy to tap and open an in-app ad without meaning to? These things frustrate users and hinder the popularity of your app.
• Streamline the app. Make it lightweight so that it doesn’t take up too much processing power and so that it loads well and runs smoothly even when the user has less than optimal connectivity.

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