Are Your App Developers Taking Note of These 7 Most Popular Features?

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Aug 23, 2017

Users have access to hundreds of thousands of apps via their respective app stores. The overwhelming majority of those apps collect relatively few downloads: only a scant few are able to score hundreds of thousands or even millions of users. What separates the proverbial wheat from the chaff? In many cases, it is the features and design of the app. Are your app developers aware of these enormously popular features? More importantly, are they incorporating these coveted features into your apps?

1. The Ability for Users to Offer Feedback

Contrary to what your mom always told you, the ability to talk back isn’t always a bad thing.

Are you surprised to see this on top of the list? Don’t be. Social media has made it commonplace to be able to offer your opinions instantly to anyone, anytime, anywhere. It’s become so accepted that users get ticked off if they can’t express their joy, frustration, or questions immediately. Make it easy for them to give you feedback. Whether it is positive or negative, they’ll feel better just knowing they had their say.

2. The Ability to Customise the App According to User Preferences

With big data, it’s tempting to start seeing your users as uniform. For example, they might all be successful professionals or avid bike riders or extreme foodies. But no matter how many demographic similarities your users share, they are still very much individuals. Give them the ability to customise the app for their uses and preferences.

3. The Ability to Connect With Your Business via Phone, Chat, etc.

Since phones are now our news agencies, weather reporters, sports announcers, entertainment venues, and coworkers, it’s easy to forget that they are also, well, phones. Doesn’t it make sense to give users a one-touch source for calling your business?

4. The Ability to Share via Email and Social Media

Going back to point one, users are a bit spoiled by the ability to share videos, articles, blog posts, and funny pictures with their friends, family, and coworkers at the touch of a button. Adding the ability to share on social media and by email also benefits you by giving your users the power to spread your messages for you.

5. Giving Users Something They Can’t Get on Your Website

Give users a reason to say “yes” to downloading your app. It needs to be something they can’t get from your website. 

Contrary to what your mom always told you, the ability to talk back isn't always a bad thing.Click To Tweet

What can your customers get by downloading your app and carrying it on their phone that they can’t get from just visiting your website? Set up a rewards program or bonus content. Just be sure you’re offering them a good reason to download and use your mobile app.

6. Don’t Get Rid of Features

Have you ever popped open your refrigerator and reached for the milk, which is always on the top shelf, and it wasn’t there? Maybe you reached in your wallet for your credit card and found it missing. Not pleasant, is it? Users get a similar feeling when they go to use a regular feature they’ve come to depend on and discover it’s gone forever. Don’t move the milk or steal their credit cards. Leave the features they use alone.

7. Reduce the Number of Clicks Users Have to Make

How much trouble are users willing to go to in order to use the features and functionality your app promises? Not much. Mobile users are busy folks. They aren’t willing to fill out lengthy forms or click four or five times to get to what they want to do. Make it simple — keep the clicks needed to access features to the bare minimum.

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