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Aug 23, 2017

Since you’ve not likely been in hiding or on a round-the-world excursion sans an Internet connection, then you’re probably aware that there are countless educational apps to help teachers teach and students learn everything from the alphabet to advanced mathematics. What you may not have realised is the extent to which a mobile app can become a valuable tool to the educational system from the district level down. Here are all the reasons to consider targeting education with your next app development project. Recently, the Educational App Award-winning company Tutora has compiled together a brilliant list of the 60 most awesome educational apps that you should have on your mobile. So if you want to help enhance your education further but you don’t know where to start, Tutora’s article will be perfect for you.

How Mobile Apps Can Help Administrators

Some teachers and administrators have learned to leverage mobile apps in a rewards system, such as encouraging students to participate in and excel in STEM studies.

Each year, schools from the kindergarten level through the university level welcome new students. Most of the time, students have to visit the campus in order to get a tour, meet the teachers, and see where they will study, eat, and play. With a virtual reality app, however, new students can take a virtual tour of the campus, meet their teachers, and even complete an orientation, all before ever stepping foot on the property. 

Mobile apps can help teachers connect with students, even when they aren't together physically.Click To Tweet

Administrators can also use apps to supplement campus security. Apps can be tremendously helpful in situations like medical emergencies, conducting safety drills for fires or extreme weather, and for managing campus facilities and people. Unfortunately, active shooting events and other scary situations are driving up the need for safety and security apps for school administrators.

Sharing and collaboration apps help administrators with everything from developing plans for new classes to coordinating testing days. Administrators can also use mobile apps for things like scheduling the use of facilities or the time of staff members.

How Mobile Apps Can Help Teachers

Mobile apps can help teachers connect with students, even when they aren’t together physically, as well as helping parents coordinate with fundraising and other support activities.

Teachers are learning the benefits of sharing and collaboration apps too, using these handy tools for things like scheduling substitute teachers and working together to prepare for standardised tests. Teachers can also take advantage of the connectivity of mobile apps, allowing them to offer one-on-one help to students even when they cannot be physically together. Mobile apps are also invaluable for coordinating with parents and for managing extracurricular activities after hours when offices are closed and nobody is available via the school telephone lines.

How Mobile Apps Can Help Parents

In an era of tight budgets and strict regulations, parents can take advantage of mobile apps for organising school functions, parties, and sports activities. For instance, mobile apps allow parents to schedule who will be working concession stands to raise funds at sporting events and to coordinate in selling items for fundraising events. Mobile apps can also help parents track their students’ progress and to get feedback from teachers on things like participation and upcoming projects or research papers. Apps can even be useful in helping parents find scholarship opportunities and in selecting colleges and other educational opportunities.

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